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  1. 4/13 Phillies at Marlins

    I live in West Palm and the game’s not on for me. My provider’s AT&T. Just show’s a blacked out Magic-Raptors game. Anyone know what the issue is? I was hyped to learn every game would be broadcast this year, but this is the second time this has happened. 
  2. New Logo Coming

    I like the way it’s shaping up. Seems to have a lot of similarities with the Tennessee Titans’ color scheme. 
  3. New Logo Coming

    Just saw this posted on Reddit: “Hey everybody, this is Ely Sussman, managing editor at Fish Stripes. I spoke with the Marlins this morning. This is their official stance on the logo:  ‘The club has not once said we are changing the logo or uniforms. Everything that has been discussed has been...
  4. 2016 Trade Deadline Thread

    The Swinging Friar. 
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