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  1. Porn

    Porn, do you? I do porn, yes. You mean to tell me there are other pornstars here?
  2. not as revealing

    Where shall I mail the forms?
  3. BOYS....Oh Boys *Smiles*

    Do you need a job?
  4. Who Loves.....

    William would be correct, there's no way Bob could do the deed JJ.
  5. Rock You Baby

    Sounds like the daily grind to me.
  6. I like candy.

    I like pie.
  7. hmm

  8. Hey Guys!

  9. New IGN Sweepstakes - Porn Related

    Good luck all.
  10. Do girls have virginias just like my mom?

    I have made many trips to Virginia myself.
  11. Question

    I'd never change my user name personally. Then everyone would forget who I am. The biggest star on these boards.
  12. Cold, Cold, COLD!

    The cold can be a good thing, if you know what I mean.

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