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    New PS5 Controller Revealed

    Looks dummy thicc
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    Quarantine Trivia Night!

    I'm hosting a Quarantine Trivia Night tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8:00 (Pacific Time). I stream questions/entertainment and teams respond to questions in various ways. I've tried my best to structure it as similarly as possible to the Wednesday night trivia I hosted in Atwater Village...
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    1997 Marlins Post Title Thoughts

    A few retorts: 2. The 1997 Marlins were really fucking good. they were, they were really really good 3. Edgar Renteria was a young fucking stud. he had such a weird career. Some seasons, it was like he completely forgot how to hit, and other seasons he was one of the best hitters in...
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    1997 Marlins Post Title Thoughts

    What if Fernandez had gone for two on Devon's ground ball? I know the right play was to go home, of course, but I think he had an easy double play assuming the shortstop could have gotten there in time. Thoughts?
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    Severino and Geffner's show

    Hopefully they don't keep him in for the third time around.
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    Opening Day Postponed for At Least Two Weeks

    This is a good thing.
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    Today is the birthday of @Michael
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    Thor tears UCL

    It actually happened to Noah Syndergaard. Read better.
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    Brady leaving Patriots

    "old white man near retirement moves from the Northeast to Florida" isn't exactly news...
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    Opening Day Postponed for At Least Two Weeks

    CDC recommends at least 8 weeks until gatherings of 50+ should resume. We're not getting baseball before June, folks. Maybe no games that count until July, because there will need to be a mini Spring Training before "Opening Day"
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    Fantasy Baseball!

    Coro-no you didn't!
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