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    Marlins to continue paying minor leaguers

    Good job, Derek.
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    Players allowed to return to Jupiter

    So these players were coming to the Earth from the Jupiter !?
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    Nicolino to Taiwan

    Dan to Korea, sign him back next season !!!
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    Marlins poised to add another elite prospect

    Don't like Hancock ?
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    Marlins donated nearly 1,000 jerseys, uniform pants and T-shirts to be utilized as masks

    I see this news in the media of Taiwan, just well done.
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    Nicolino to Taiwan

    Nico in the spring training game of Taiwan.
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    Opening Day Postponed
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    Opening Day Postponed

    Sad, this should be a big season to us.
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    Yasiel Puig?
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    6 more cuts from big-league camp

    Yeah, at least give him one month to show what he can do.
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    6 more cuts from big-league camp

    We should see Jazz, Lewin and Jesus in the Miami in the season.
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    Brinson 'a different guy'

    Yeah, it's just the point.
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