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    Marlins interested in Eddie Rosario

    ANY NEWS ON THIS? Im not seeing anything yet? I don't like any of the other names mentioned at all.
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    Top 50 Marlins - All-Time WAR

    Good info, whose number #1??
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    Marlins interested in Eddie Rosario

    This is the kinda guy I would love to see them trade for. However not at the cost of major talent. For god sakes we traded D Gordon and didn't get much top talent although we lucked out on a few of those pieces, I think we should be able to land him without touching our top prospects.
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    who's the stupidest marlins ever

    Mike hill once traded this guy named Christian Yelich who is looking to have back to back MVP seasons.
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    MLB the Show 19

    ahhh the game I buy every year and hardly ever get to play.
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    Marlins sign Sergio Romo

    Another blast from the past.
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    Realmuto traded to Phillies

    Why extend him, he doesnt want to be here like Giancarlo, who was given a contract he couldnt refuse, JT is a good player today, And the best carcher in baseball, but he will be a First basemen by the time this team is ready to compete, trade him now while the iron is hot.
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    Gabriel Guerrero

    Wont be until after holidays
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    Gabriel Guerrero

    Yes we did
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    Frisaro expects payroll of around $100M

    I sure hope we dont sign Manny Machado
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    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    Charles Johnson. 
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    Victor Victor officially declared free agent

    This is becoming so annoying
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    Victor Victor officially declared free agent

    Family members calling it out. To the Marlins he goes. 
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    Ryan Lillie traded to Reds for international pool money

    Has the amount been disclosed yet??
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