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    Tomorrow's Orioles game will be closed to the public

    Can't believe no one has thought of this yet! THE WAVE!!!!
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    Now I can look up all of your irrelevant, nonsensical posts with even more speed. Thanks!
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    ​and proud of it.
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    Obvious brag post, Walansky.
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    4/19 Post Game

    I think everyone can agree with this. I mean, who doesnt want to be successful? amirite? It sucks being a fan sometimes. We are DEFINITELY the laughing stock of baseball. what with our home-run feature and lime green walls. Our awful attendance and fanbase (not us). But, this team can also...
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    I dont know if we have had a discussion topic on Showtime's Dexter before, but this forum is so slow, we probably haven't. I just got into the show and I am binge watching the fuck out of it. Im halfway through season 4 and I think I started a bit over a week ago. I really really like the way...
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    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Speaking of struckimmmmmmahhhhhhhhwwwuuuu.... where re is our fearless leader?!
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    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Sweet 3-1!!!! That's EXACTLY what I was talking about.
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    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Cmon Yelich, let's get something going here...
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    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    I don't know how to work the intrawebs... Apologies.
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    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Hech of a play
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    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    What's up motherbitches?!? Who's down for some fuckery)
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    4/15 Post Game

    ​who would have thunk it?!
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    Aaron Hernandez found GUILTY Wow, I mean, it is astonishing to me how hard it is for people to move on in life. Here is someone who had it all in life, and threw it away because of a lifestyle that is so difficult for so many to give up. It is a sad story...
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    Game of Thrones

    ​stop peddling your smut.
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