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    Denbo explains how next few years will go

    I recall a lot of people didn't like the trade, I was not too happy about it myself (I never care for the "He didn't want to be here" argument, he'll play and if he doesn't want to be here, he'll play his ass off to make himself a very good mid season or off season trade target). I think some...
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    Marlins TV Rights Negotiations

    Na, I'm just excited to buy fish off of Amazon.
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    Marlins TV Rights Negotiations

    I hope so, and if so, I hope the marlins get in on it. I've been really happy with my Prime membership and would be really excited if it included my fish.
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    Marlin Thoughts

    Probably should, guy's only got two posts. Check for a pulse on that one.
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    Marlins add Cook

    I take it that he secretly still roots for us he's just too tsun about it.
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    Austin Brice designated for assignment (Warning: Thread has nothing to do with Brice)

    I was more curious as to why he was telling Nate to bump the thread.
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    2020 Bold Predictions

    The Marlins can be a playoff team in 2020 That seems a pretty bold prediction to me... I'll be extremely happy with just an above .500 w/l, which is my bold prediction.
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    Marlins Should Sign a Short-Term TV Deal

    Well, when Tampa leaves, can we get the Florida name back?
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    Look At This Ridiculous Pitching Line

    I shouldn't say "have never", but extremely, extremely rare, like Tanaka I missed but I think I have seen 12 to one pitcher once before.  I'm not saying they don't happen, just extremely rare.
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    Here Comes Isan!

    So, while I've been hearing about this kid a lot, but I haven't looked too much into him. From what I get from this article, he sounds like a mid avg hitter with middle of the line defense and lots of power from the left I'm kinda getting the sense of a rich mans left handed Dan Uggla...
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    Look At This Ridiculous Pitching Line

    Well I hope the other pitchers on his team are a bit better than those, else it's going to be a short playoff.
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    Look At This Ridiculous Pitching Line

    How was that even allowed to happen?  Most managers pull after 6-8 runs.  I've never seen 10+ runs charged to one pitcher.
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    Marlins Trade Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm

    Na, I wanted to get off the first floor.
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