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  1. To get this topic back on track with the original post, I split out the other commentary related to the incident on Sunday into its own thread at https://www.marlinsbaseball.com/topic/78766-possible-racial-slur-in-colorado/ Please continue that discussion in that thread and please continue the Brinson vs De La Cruz discussion in this thread here. Thanks.
  2. Nope, no posts were deleted. I cut it off before it possibly happened though.
  3. Sorry to be a party pooper guys, but you can't discuss ways to get around MLB blackouts on this website.
  4. Welcome to the Bullpen. This forum is the exclusive home for political topics and other "hot" topics. Discussions in this forum must remain in this forum. Do not take them outside this forum. Political discussions and other hot topics will no longer be allowed in any forum except the Bullpen. Here are the rules: 1) Absolutely no racism or bigotry of any kind will be tolerated. This goes for all races, religions, and sexual orientations. 2) Argue the topic, NOT the person. Personal attacks are not permitted
  5. On a related note, you may see all content showing as new today. This is a one-time thing that happened while fixing a problem with starting threads. Mark all content as read and you should be good to go.
  6. You can change to one of the normal themes on the bottom left corner of any page in the "Theme" dropdown.
  7. No updates so I went ahead and disabled the events feature until it can be ironed out. Thanks for the report.
  8. Admin

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    Did you know that we have a VIP plan here? Well, we do! ---- VIP Benefits Include All of the Following and More: NO ADS anywhere on the website Ability to Upload and Delete Attachments Unlimited Display Name Changes Custom User Titles Gold Colored Name in Some Areas of Site Gold Colored Rank Displayed Under Avatar Early Access to New Features and Designs Delete Your Own Posts and Topics Close Your Own Polls Unlimited Edit Time for Posts Unlimited Storage Space for Private Messages No "Flood Control". FC limits the amount of search requests and posts you can make in a short period of time Access to the VIP Lounge, a forum only for VIPs ---- VIP membership is $5/month Payment can be made via PayPal at this link - VIP Subscription Thanks!
  9. Sorry about that! DYK that there is a "Mark site read" button on the bottom right of every page? Could be handy if I do that kind of big data dump in the future.
  10. We are starting a new series here titled DYK (Did You Know) where we will highlight features you may not know about. First up is "Expanded Forum View" By default everyone sees the forum view as this known as Condensed View: However, if you click the icon directly to the left of "Start new topic", you will enter expanded view. Expanded View offers a brief summary of each topic right in the forum listing itself. Here is how it looks: Give it a try and see if you might like it for a change of pace around here. Stay tuned for more installments of DYK.
  11. FYI, this post of yours was shared to our Twitter account and Tommy himself liked it.
  12. If you see "Drag files here to attach, or choose files" when posting, your account has permission to upload images. I checked and your account has proper permission. I went ahead and re-cached the settings now though in case something was stuck. Give it another try when you get a chance. If you do not see that line, let me know because that'd be something else.
  13. Can you please give it a try now and see if it is working as intended?
  14. I put you on a special basic theme just for you until those issues stop happening for you. We haven't been able to track down why it is only an issue for a small subset of users. This should alleviate the issue for you. Anyone else who has an issue with the site can choose "Basic" on the theme options (bottom left of any page) to switch to it.
  15. There is a new button available on the top right of every page here allowing you to customize several things. It is the icon in the screenshot below next to the light bulb or moon, depending on if you're using dark or light mode. Click it today and enjoy.
  16. 4 Marlins players test positive for COVID-19 View the full article
  17. Bottom left of any page. Click Theme and choose dark.
  18. We apologize for that, we tried to merge your thread (in sports forum) with this one. Because it was in a different forum, yours got nuked in the process. We have found and corrected that bug for the future.
  19. Which young stars and clubs will dominate the next 10 seasons? Predict who will lead the decade (2020-29) in 9 categories and you could win $1,000,000 in “The Vault.” View the full article
  20. Nope, all the settings look right. It is especially weird that you were able to start one with him, if he couldn't start one with you.
  21. Who do the Marlins have in the pipeline? Get scouting reports, video, stats, projected ETAs and more for Miami's Top 30 Prospects. View the full article
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