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  1. What has Brinson done to deserve the starting role in a major league team?
  2. A 3 run lead will not be enough. Need to add on more runs.
  3. It will actually work on our favor if he comes to pitch in the 9th inning with the lead in a saving situation
  4. I hope they dont include Barraclough. I rather get rid of Witgren or Phelps
  5. I disagree on trading J.T. Who does the Marlins have to replace him with? I agree on keeping Bour, Yelich and J.T, Barraclough, Straily, Phelps
  6. Every single acquisition Mike Hill has brought to this team pitching wise has sucked. He is the main reason why this team is failing. Cashner, Latos, Rodney, Rea, Chen, and the list keeps going on and on.
  7. It will not matter who pitches tomorrow. Will make no difference in the outcome of the game.
  8. Unfortunately, confirmed by multiple sources.
  9. Your Mets though have an easier schedule against the Twins and Braves respectively
  10. Cards and Giants play against each other starting on Friday. That should be an interesting series.
  11. Pirates and Cards are losing. Must take advantage of this situation.
  12. Jose is time to do some damage here
  13. But i guess they know the marlins arent scoring so a run is more than enough
  14. If i was the padres i would have put a bount down to move the runners up
  15. Another 0-2 count and he gives up a hit
  16. Rodney better keep it a one run game
  17. Not Mattingly's fault if the other guys cant bring him in
  18. Dee should try to steal before a dp
  19. Come on Yelich. None of these have been strikes
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