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  1. everett is intriguing to me. we need to get better defensively and he is thought of as the best or one of the best defensive ss. Hanley would then have to go to third or second. I also like moving uggla and upgrading defensively at second. The success of our two championships has been defense and pitching and they work hand in hand. last year we were bad at both. What if we deal uggla and acquire orlando huson for second (in seperate deals). move hanley to third. We would have significantly improved defensively up the middle with maybin, everett,hudson and the new catcher with treanor. This can be done by raising the payroll by roughly 8 million.
  2. .348 ba, .437 obp and .994 ops since the all star break. will make a great #2 hitter between hanley and miguel next year. now if we could just get some starting pitching!
  3. If memory serves me correctly the NL has the #1 pick this year. We are currently a half game better than the worst team in the nl. It is unbelievable that tampa is this bad again.
  4. Hialeah's downfall has nothing to do with money. MLB wants to be in Downtown Miami period. MLB has previously implied that it was do or die for loria so who knows. I can tell yuo that they plan on keeping the team in town whoever the owner is. The old site does not include arena land as far as I know.
  5. If you recall, when all the focus was on Hialeah I told you guys to focus on downtown miami, and now Loria is stating that downtown is the preferred site. 1 - It is not such a done deal that the Canes are leaving the OB. 2- The revenue the canes would make at JRS has been reported incorrectly. 3- The same way MLB killed Hialeah, they are planning on killing the Orange bowl site. MLB wants downtown. 4- The initial downtown site is back on the table. ( that site is bigger than the courthouse site) 5- The clock is ticking on Loria.
  6. Iowa, That is exactly my point. I f we could get one of the above cf's for garcia and volstad are we going to be hurting for piching over the next 3-4 years? Btw, my personal untouchables are willis, sanchez, johnson, olsen and pinto.
  7. Beinfest and crew appear not to want to give up the pitchers at the major league level to get a cf and I see where they are coming from. Should we deal volstad in a deal for baldelli, rios or even upton? I know how great he is suposed to be but with all our pitching it seems we could make a deal like that and keep our depth of piching at or ready for the big leagues and really improve our line up and defense. As far as our future, does anyone doubt beinfest's ability to take a pitcher in the draft this year to go along with sinkbiel?
  8. They still have no location that fits a stadium with a retractable roof that I am aware of. Funding was always the largest issue though.
  9. "A trade remains possible; the Jays, according to major-league sources, failed in attempts to move outfielder Alex Rios to the Phillies for righty Brett Myers and to the Dodgers for righty Chad Billingsley and a second piece, most likely outfielder Matt Kemp or righty Jonathan Broxton. They need to keep pushing for such a deal; in the A.L. East, young righties such as Shaun Marcum and Casey Janssen can be asked to do only so much." I like Rios but the equivalent of billingsley on our roster is probably johnson or olsen. I think if we are going to deal one of those guys we should get Baldelli.
  10. maybe a hybrid of the two sites works. Put the stadium on the new site and use some of the land MLB has under contract for parking structures the marlins could own. This would solve Marlins2003's concern about parking. This still does not solve the issue with the roof. The new site is smaller than the old site and does not have room for a roof. On the flip side, with no retractible roof the money is in place. The money for the roof and needed a/c's is what creates the funding issues. I still think that a stadium where the fans are covered in their seats and from mass transit could work. It is not ideal.
  11. The original miami site is 11.5 acres. this site would be smaller than that. Seems not to accomplish much
  12. I like chone figgins in cf for us. Ramirez and figgins at the top of the order would allow us to move uggla and his 28 homers down in the order. BTw, I am sort of scared because the Angels were interested in willis. I hope does not mean they are going to make a big offer to the fish which includes a cf.
  13. The flower wilts a little bit when you get to the majors and look average (even in a short sample size.) It probably is premature to lower his value. i am not a big milledge fan. At this point I would prefer a healthy Rocco.
  14. i actually like crawford in LF, willy at 1b and deal jacobs to the pirates for Mike Gonzalez. I think with our pitching we need to bring in a great defensive cf.
  15. Nov 1 - If the White Sox were willing to part with Brandon McCarthy, they might be able to pry away left fielder Carl Crawford from the Devil Rays, the Daily Herald reports. from espninsider. I would do a deal like this as long as it does not include Willis, Sanchez, Johnson or Olsen. It probably would take more than one of our other pitchers but this is another person's thoughts on value. Not alot of starting pitching on the market.
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