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  1. Hello my fellow Americans. Back in the day, I used to love me some burgers. Burgers are as American as the Stars and Stripes. Let's discuss burgers, be it fast food joints like McDonalds, or more high class chain joints like In N Out Burger or even more gourmet/local type places. Where are the best ones that if I still ate meat, I'd want to go eat. And also, where should I avoid going and be thankful I am vegan now.
  2. Happy New Year to all of the fine American citizens here. May 2011 be a great year for everyone, a great year for Hillary and a bad year for Republicans! P.S. Any fine young American ladies in here these days?
  3. We are having an influx of new, beautiful, young women here. I approve.
  4. You know, great story here, back in 96 Bob Dole actually thought he had a chance to beat me for the United States President. That really was a night of great joy for me.
  5. You are correct, Admin this is Bob's favorite award. He cleared a spot on the mantle for it before the results were even computed. He was very confident about his chances. The winner of this award is Bob Dole there's a shock.
  6. This thing has to be mine, though I suspect that piece of trash I defeated back in 96 will win.
  7. i tried to poison dole...didn't work sits in the front row seat in a huff Typical for a Republican.
  8. You know, there is something to be said for variety.
  9. This is one of the great problems with this fine nation today. We need to learn to not be so uptight about so many things and we would be much better off as a nation.
  10. Thank you for the wishes William. As you know I am a man who appreciates a good calendar change, I have been known to sit in front of a calendar and count the seconds down until the next day because it is a very exciting time to know you have lived another year on this wonderful planet. William one day it would be great to work with you on another project but for now accept my gratitude for this greeting. I will stop now before I go off on a tangent. We had a great 8 years together Al. If we can ever get together in an effort to make this world better for these great American citizens and these great citizens of the world, I would love that opportunity. May you have a great 2006 Al.
  11. Hello there my fellow Americans. I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish all you wonderful and amazing American ciitizens a very safe and blessed 2006. May the wrath of God we have experienced in the last 13 months be replaced by the goodness upon our land and our world that we so seek. And to all you fine young American female citizens, may you have a great year and if you need anything, give me a call. Bill.
  12. seems like ole Bob has been having some health problems of his own. Good thing mine arent as serious. Hope you get better soon so I can resume the banter with you
  13. Posters of Monica and Linda on the walls. My book My Life on the dresser. A few pens. A few pencils. An encylcopedia and a dictionary. A few cigars. A young lady under the bed. Pictures of Socks on my desk.
  14. Look here WildCard, When you become perfect you can correct my use of the English language. Usually I have a staffer read through my stuff to make sure I dont make silly mistakes. Unfortunately I do not have that luxury on message boards. Now as far as you PudgeFan1981, its always nice to get some great, young American women to participate in message boards. (that look good) I am sure you will enjoy this community greatly and again its great to see such great young Americans in this world.
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