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  1. Nope no marlins at all in this year's edition and the YES YES YES thing your referring to is the White Sox Announcers when Buerhle threw his No-Hitter.
  2. Obviously there is a strong agreement here that Batista isn't great. However did you guys like the use of him when he was in Evolution with HHH, Orton and Flair? he was okay...i like him more than i like orton.
  3. I cant even watch RAW anymore, like i catch little pieces but its not getting to me anymore, i dont even bother to record the shows. I love TNA, yes the stories are stupid and its kind of predictable,alot of old guys on the show, and results of matches are ended by objects or distractions way to much...but i dont care I love the roster. Im PRO TNA. I really hope they can get the show going, the monday experiment failed, so did the 8-10 so maybe going back to thursdays 9-11 will some how in the end work out for them...one more thing, im not a fan of the tape shows, is anybody with me on this?
  4. fishfan25

    MLB 2K10

    If the show came out for the 360...i would have kept my 360.
  5. fishfan25

    MLB 2K10

    The Show...Period. How good is it? I freakin traded in my 360 for a PS3 all because of The Show...That's how good it is.
  6. with Stone Cold on RAW tonight...TNA has no shot.
  7. Just in time for the upcoming hockey playoffs, Comcast and DTV came to an agreement that returns Versus to the DTV lineup. It's back on channel 603. Sure took looooooooooooong enough for this deal to finally happen. YES!!! YES!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I knew it would happen!!!!!
  8. TNA was kinda weak thursday. I mean the beautiful people werent there! but seriously it was just another w/e kind of week. on a side note: the more i see Pope, the more i like him.
  9. After a lifelong struggle, I FINALLY GOT HANLEY'S SIG!!!!! Also got Coghlan (who put a biblical reference on the baseball), Badenhop (who was a really cool dude from the 5 minutes I got to talk to him), and Brett Carroll. Also sat through the meeting with the players, asked the question about whether we would sign Russell Branyan. I'm happy, went there to get Hanley's sig, and I got it. Also awesome, have a picture of me with Trader Jack. you sir, had a hell of a day...and im very jealous.
  10. ya man ive never been to a fanfest. i got 2 v.i.p. passes and got all excited. my brother bailed on me and i was screwed. need to get some baseball fan friends (cant be yankee fans)
  11. i was supossed to go (had v.i.p. passes) what a waste, all because i didnt have a ride and since i have friends who DONT like baseball?
  12. So anyways I'm standing there waiting to get off the metrorail, and this guy whos on the metrorail, turns around, and tips his cap like this. And who do you think that guy was? EMILIO BONIFACIO the marlins super utility man I swear to God I was there. And I was like.....EMILIOOOOOOOOOOO! this made me laugh well done.
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