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  1. wait a second...gload in the lineup? and hermida...isnt? WOOHOO! WOOHOO! WOOHOO! i dont even care if gload goes 0-4 or 0-3 with a walk. I just cant stand hermida anymore. even whem he does well i cant appreciate it.
  2. oh ok i get what your saying now...my bad
  3. Rios has $60 million left on his contract, not $2 million. 2mil to keep him the rest of the season
  4. theres very little chance that someone would take his contract. so you either get him and keep him or dont get him at all hmm ok :nods head in agreement: i got a feeling this will just blow over and the jays will keep him till atleast the off-season. i wonder how badly they want to keep halladay.
  5. the way i would want it is to keep him for the rest of the season (no way i want to keep stanton in the minors) then get rid of him however they like. im just trying to find ways to get rid of hermida haha...i really dont like him. OF of Coggs Ross Rios sounds better than something with Hermida or Bonifacio in it
  6. April Fools right? The only way John Smoltz ends up on the Marlins is if he thows batting practice for free. i would go out to see that
  7. i would love to see him as a marlin, but they wont pony up the 2 mil. and im sure the jays dont have any interest in lets say...hermida? whatever. and im sure the jays will get a nice return, unless they've gone retarded
  8. im just saying man, he'll call them. see whats up. but i dont know if any team is going to want to pick him up
  9. i read something at the bottom that said the team who picks him up would only pay 2 mil or something like that. maybe its for the remainder of the season
  10. Smoltz? John? A Marlin? psh never. probably gonna crawl back to the braves some how
  11. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4383844 discuss...i think he's done.
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=4384253 i would love it if he was a marlin...but im dreaming. i think he's got real good potential. would cost us 2 Mil
  13. eh an ok move by the twins...needed a pitcher, and got him. pavano's done ok...ERA kinda high
  14. well the marlins are either going to face the phillies with a frown and possibly can get whipped. or they wake up, know its crunch time, know that tomorrow is a new day, come out fresh, and beat the phillies. this was very disapointing to watch. but like i said before, this happens...its baseball. ive watched the marlins for so long, and ive watched baseball so long, these things happen. Cant get discouraged, raise some hell in philly.
  15. hopefully we regroup, get ready for the phillies.
  16. haha i wish i could have heard that!
  17. relax cubbies its not like you havent won a championship in.....oh wait.
  18. oh i know its a good move. Adding Johnson is a plus, i just dont think its a big enough move to really get us in the playoffs. But i welcome johnson and wish him nothing but the best. and im really glad we get boni out of there because, he's driving me insane (and not in a good way) And also, good point about the whole injuries/hermida thing (thats another guy i want gone, hermida!)
  19. Ive had a day to really think this over... and here's what i got... This trade is a good one, but, its not exactly a move that puts us in the playoffs. I hate to be negative nancy on this one, but i still, truly, cant see the marlins getting into the playoffs as much as i want them to and i really hope they do. But c'mon Nick The Stick Johnson? Thats it? Thats our ace in the hole? The guy thats injured every season? +good contact hitter -moves cantu to 3rd (better at 1b but the move is necessary) +finally gets boni out of the lineup so you see its a win but our defense is going to suffer somewhat cuz cantu cant really play 3rd. So i guess its a good move, good contact hitter, didnt really give much up, ive just never really liked Johnson and hardly ever see him since he's always injured and it wont surprise me if he's on the DL by september. :sigh: go fish
  20. I think the Marlins need to be both buyers AND sellers. We need a big bat more than anything and a starting pitcher as well. But in order to compensate for the added payroll we will also need to trade Uggla and Hermida (probably to a contending team like the Giants) in a separate deal for prospects. Then we can call up Maybin and move Coghlan or Bonifacio to second. Lee and Martinez would be perfect. They both have great contracts for the quality of players that they are and are signed through next season (club options) so they won't be just 2 month rentals. Lee makes 1.92 million for the rest of this season with a 9 million club option (1 mil buyout) for next season. V-Mart's salary increases if he gets traded but will still only make 2.01 million for the rest of this season and 7.5 next season (with .25 mil buyout). So the payroll for this season will not increase much at all, but it will make us an instant and serious contender in my opinion. A trade like this would definitely cost us some of our best prospects, but keep in mind that we will get prospects back in the Uggla/Hermida deals and will also be able to trade Lee/V-Mart if necessary during the offseason or at next year's trade deadline to restock our farm system. This is our year, the 6th year, and we are ony 3.5 games out. We need to go balls out for a f***in championship. i like the attitude. and im for making a big deal. but the marlins, eh i think they are in a conservative mood and mode. so like i said before, just dont see the big move being made. And dont rip my head off, i know we are 3.5 games out, but i dont see this team making it in the post-season. Prove me wrong marlins.
  21. i doubt the marlins make any real noise this deadline. maybe a little move here or there but nothing big. i really hope we get rid of hermida but thats wishful thinking (AND F'N BONIFACIO!!!!) (AND PINTO)
  22. EB sucks, ive said it from spring training. Yes he's fast but he's not stealing 40-50 bases. Oh and btw, to steal bases, you must first reach base. Im tired of seeing him go on a little hit streak and everybody goes bonkers Oh HEY we might have something here! maybe he's turning it around! then he goes 0 for 40 (ok not literally but it feels like it) He is a bench player, And this team needs to put him on the bench for good. I mean really, i like nothing about this guy, even when he started off hot i said oh great this just means its going to take longer to get rid of him because there going to want to give him a better chance now. He cant hit for a good average, not great at stealing bases, not a good 3b, strikes out a little to much and just, please, i rather see Josh Booty out there! or Andy Fox! Mike Mordecai(sp?) anyone? how bout dave berg?
  23. yea cant say im too suprised, tampa is just the better team. hopefully the losing ends. and the winning can begin.
  24. Getting Rasheed Wallace would be huge for Orlando. Yep Yep. Same for Boston if they get him. cant really see sheed in a celtic jersey.
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