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  1. I think he can win his 300th game in black and teal definitely
  2. no more stoopid comments plz mr kettle meet mr pot right...........
  3. The more I think about it, if the Marlins do get Maddux, it would be kinda cool to root for a player in a Marlins uni closing in on a 300th win milestone, think of all the media attention the team would get... someone please check how many he has so if we get him I can go.
  4. question: When is allison expected to be in the show....thanx in advance.
  5. I don't know guys.....choi better not choke. That's why IF HE DOES we should have a back up plan. but who knows....I could be wrong about this guy.
  6. Nice job. *makes new icons* how do u get logos on your name
  7. I heard we are close to a deal with mondesi so that is good. No, It really isnt Getting Mondesi would destroy Team Clubhouse Chemistry which is essential to every ballclub, and a big reason why the Marlins thrived last year. No it wouldn't. Not one bit. Do you know why? awesome answer
  8. I know lately I keep saying go after kendall but now I don't feel good on that. And maddux with the marlins? weird but ok. I heard we are close to a deal with mondesi so that is good. It will be great if we get saurbeck because he is lefty and he is pretty damn good. Last but not least we gotta sign vlad. It's simple: All we need is a little bit of money and the stadium and boom he is ours because he doesn't really wanna go to baltimore. WOW!
  9. Are the marlins going to sign somebody for the bullpen or are they to concerned with another player like vlad or kendall? Or is it the stadium?
  10. fishfan25

    Movie Quotes

    " Hi this is buddy, what's your favorite color." Good luck getting this one!
  11. Opening Day Countdown click that link to check out how much longer until Opening Day 04 awesome...I already added it to my favorites
  12. I was hoping for a 4PM time on Opening Day because I have school. Guess I will have to watch it on TV. So do I but I am leaving early...like at 12.
  13. APRIL 6TH = Again starting the miracle, the journey, the fantastic and memorable road to the world series. ( or something like that ) :mischief2 :confused
  14. I think benitez will do very good here and he will only blow about 3 or 4 saves. I can see him as an all-star again. As for loop....I think at first he wll struggle and it will take him a while to get used to the fans there. But overall he will do a good job in NY. I just hope is ERA is like 999.00 against the marlins when we face the mets. I guess I will cheer for him when I go to a game. GOOD LUCK LOOPER!!!
  15. I am talking about catchers. But if we want to bring others in then... 1. bullpen 2. vlad 3. catcher ( kendall, pudge, lo duca )
  16. I think this is what we should do. 1. IF pudge signs with LA then we go trade for lo duca. 2. IF we don't want lo duca then trade for kendall. 3. IF duca or kendall doesen't come to the fish then we get mudge back. Something like that....I don't know. My Priorities: 1.Kendall 2.duca 3.pudge
  17. WOW! I really hope that is true. January 8th would be a great day and maybe a day to remember for a long time :mischief2 Any way I think I solved the problem below....tell me if I am right. :confused STADIUM + VLAD + LOWELL + FANS +....=CHAMPS!!!!
  18. I think we should give him a shot in ST i agree
  19. fishfan25


    Vote: What mattered most in 2003? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SportsNation Thank you for voting. See below for the results from across SportsNation. Your responses in bold text below. 1) Which 2003 NFL event mattered most? 51.1% Jon Gruden leads Bucs to Super Bowl victory 20.9% Jamal Lewis rushes for 295 yards against Browns 16.6% Peyton Manning and Colts come from behind to beat Bucs 11.3% Raiders season goes down the drain 2) Which 2003 college basketball event mattered most? 59.4% Carmelo Anthony leads Syracuse to national title 30.1% Tragedy occurs at Baylor 3.9% Pat Summitt and Bob Knight get 800th win 3.6% St. Bonaventure ends season prematurely 3.0% Manhattanville's Toni Smith refuses to face the flag 3) Which 2003 NBA event mattered most? 47.0% Kobe Bryant is charged with rape 28.4% LeBron James makes the leap 8.9% Maurice Cheeks helps 13-year-old sing national anthem 6.0% Triple Duncan: Monster Game 6 lifts Spurs 3.7% NBA goes global -- Yao, Darko, et al. 3.1% John Stockton retires 3.0% Michael Jordan plays in All-Star game, gets fired 4) Which 2003 NHL event mattered most? 24.5% Patrick Roy retires 24.0% NHL plays a game outdoors 22.5% Jean-Sebastien Gigeure keeps Mighty Ducks alive 14.5% Dany Heatley is charged with vehicular homicide 14.5% Brodeur wins Vezina; Devils win second Cup in four years 5) Which 2003 baseball event mattered most? 52.0% Cubs and Red Sox come oh so close 18.6% Florida Marlins win World Series 8.7% Sammy Sosa hits with corked bat 8.0% Performance-enhancing drugs face new scrutiny 6.2% Roger Clemens gets 300th win, retires 2.5% Eric Gagne saves 55 2.5% 'Moneyball' influences the game 1.5% Albert Pujols has breakout season 6) Which 2003 golf event mattered most? 54.9% Annika Sorenstam plays with the men 20.1% First-timers win all four Majors 16.2% Tiger Woods has a 'slump', wins Player of the Year 5.6% Hootie and Martha Burk duke it out 3.3% Michelle Wie provides a glimpse of the future 7) Which 2003 college football event mattered most? 49.6% BCS makes a mess 21.1% Maurice Clarett wins title, gets arrested, is booted from team, sues NFL 19.1% Miami, Virginia Tech say bye-bye Big East 7.0% Sylvester Croom is hired to coach Mississippi State 2.6% SJU coach John Gagliardi sets record 0.6% Jeremy Bloom challenges NCAA and loses 8) Which of the top 12 events in the ESPN 100 mattered most? 26.8% Kobe Bryant is charged with rape 19.6% Cubs and Red Sox come oh so close 16.5% Lance Armstrong takes fifth Tour de France 9.0% LeBron James makes the leap 8.2% BCS makes a mess 5.1% Tragedy occurs at Baylor 3.5% Florida Marlins win World Series 3.2% Performance-enhancing drugs face new scrutiny 2.6% Annika Sorenstam plays with the men 2.3% Carmelo Anthony leads Syracuse to national title 1.7% Jon Gruden leads Bucs to Super Bowl victory 1.4% Maurice Clarett wins title, gets arrested, is booted from team, sues NFL Total Votes: 3,853
  20. I hope pudge goes to la and then we do a trade for la duca! I know that pudge is a trader guys but c'mon he still is very good. I still think he is the man. If it wasen't for him than we would not be champs right? :mischief2
  21. I think they were high when they did this. :hat :whistle
  22. And Helling won't be able to sign with us till May 1st. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  23. Helling sucks right Helling sucks with his 0.55 ERA with the Marlins this year. DEfinitely he is great. how much $ does he want?
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