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  1. What do you guys think of the Mariner's offseason? As far as pitching goes they re-signed King Felix one of the best pitchers in the game. They added Cliff Lee and re-signed Eric Bedard. They also have a pretty damn good closer in David Aardsma (well, atleast he was last season) Also added Brandon League to their relief pitching. As far as hitting goes they added Chone Figgins, Milton Bradley, Eric Byrnes, Ryan Garko, and Casey Kotchman while locking up Franklin Gutierrez who's a pretty damn good player. I dont know what it is about the mariners but ive always liked them. I like the uniforms, I like Safeco Field. They have a history of having players im huge fan's of (J Buehner,Ichiro,Griffey,E Martinez,R Johnson,F Hernandez,E Byrnes,J Wilson) Im hoping they win the West this year.
  2. i guess i just gotta tune in then. plus i havent seen an undertaker match in forever.
  3. okay here's how im looking at it. Amar'e - It appears like he's going to leave the suns and if this does happen, idk i cant really see him anywhere else besides the knicks. But who knows maybe he sticks around in phoenix. Bosh - Im pretty confident that if he leaves Toronto he'll head to Miami. Cant see bosh heading to the rockets/bulls/knicks/w.e James - Okay here is where it gets tricky. We know about the whole Nets thing, but is he really going to want to go to a team that is currently 4-45? cant see him with the nets. NO WAY he comes to miami. Very doubtful he goes to the bulls. So that leaves us with the knicks/cavs. There are times when i look at it and think he will head out to NY and help the Knicks become relevant again. Sold out seats at the garden and instead of everybody laughing and mocking the knicks, they would be a top team in the EAST. But...I really think he's going to stay in Cleveland. Thats his home...And you really cant pull that BS about how much more coverage he'll get and etc. He's LEBRON JAMES he's already larger than life. Everybody already knows who he is. He IS the cleveland cavs. You know the cavs are gonna pull out all the stops, their gonna show him the money, they will get on their knees and beg if they have to. Prediction? he stays right where he is. Wade - Oh boy...D-Wade...as much as i would like for him to stay in Miami the more I think about it the more I see the heat lose, Umm... unless they bring in a player like Bosh (which i think they will) and unless Wade really wants to stay, I think he heads home to Chicago. I can already see Wade putting on that Bulls jersey. Im sure he loves miami and im sure the heat will dish out all they got but i dont know if a team of Wade/Bosh can beat atl/bos/orl/cle So i think he's going to take a long time to decide it, but, i wont be surprised if he lands in Chicago.
  4. That was one of the worst main events ever on TNA. Foley vs Nash in a no dq match. The match lasted about 90 seconds. Nash pinned Foley after a weak kick. Foley was going to hit Nash with a picture frame, but didnt because it was a picture of abyss and himself. TNA makes me sad. Good portion of their roster is a bunch of old guys that just cant wrestle anymore. and it truly makes me sad to see this. It makes me so sad to see these guys in their 40-50's and they are putting out such weak performances. That foley-nash match was absolutely disgusting. A 90 second No-DQ match? WTF! This show needs to be LIVE every monday and they gotta put out that young talent they got. The wrestling is really good and much more enjoyable to watch than WWE. One more thing: Lacey Von Erich and Velvet Sky are drop dead gorgeous. As far as WWE goes...Eh i dont watch smackdown all though i should...And Raw is alright i guess. The whole Bret Hart thing is garbage. He might just be my favorite wrestler of all time and watching him out their...:isigh: He needs to go away, for his own good. Great he came back, did the whole Vince McMahon thing, And the Shawn Michaels thing...Now go away because he clearly cant wrestle. I would hate to see him wrestle now because im pretty positive it would be a weak performance. As far as ECW goes...sorry...WWECW...This thing needs to go down. Now. Those glory days were awesome, but they are long gone, dead, and not coming back. EC(F'N) W!! with the dudley's, mike awesome, kid kash, sandman, rhino, sabu, rvd, new jack, etc.
  5. Its not that KG is bad...its just (to me) he's one of those guys, that every time he pitches I get nervous. He's not a closer he's either a 7th inning guy or 8th inning guy. I wouldnt mind him pitching for the marlins again cuz he did do pretty well when he was here...just he cant come in the 9th. ever. But he is capable of putting up some pretty good numbers.
  6. Vlad the Impaler. still a dangerous hitter to face.
  7. i read that bret hart signed a contract for like 3 months. i was wondering though is he going to be on every week or what? whats the angle with him?
  8. i think the roof looks stupid. i also dont like this because this will mean that ticket prices are going to go up (as if they werent bad enough already) the only good thing i can say about this is that i like the change of seats (F*** that orange s***)
  9. Sweet deal. lets get the real ricky back.
  10. I doubt the marlins are going to get Capps. He's not awesome, he's not even that great, but again sometimes pitchers come to the marlins and have the best yr of there careers. I'll tell you this ive got more faith in Capps right now than Nunez. But, reading that Capps to the marlins would probably mean something like 2 yrs for 6/7 mil...Makes me think the fish wont pull the trigger.
  11. psssshh, which is barely anything. Believe me i would never want this team to transform into what the sox and yanks are (200 mil payroll are u kidding?) But our payroll is just ridiculous. The decisions this team makes sometimes, mind-blowing. But whatever, thats what being a marlins fan is all about.
  12. great add by the sox. spices up the yanks-sox rivalry.
  13. How about we spend money on something else? what money??
  14. things happen to pitchers when they play for the fish. I would not mind Matt Capps at all for the right price of course.
  15. f***ing traitor nah he's not a traitor. its just a business. Im sure the phillies offered more money than the marlins did, and he took it. Which sucks for 2 reasons: 1. because we lost a good lefty hitter off the bench 2. now he's with a division rival.
  16. I rather be a yankee fan or cheer for the yankees or wear yankee merchandise with a smile than ever have anything associated with lady gaga. She (or he, or both) is terrible. Terrible look, voice, everything. I wish, IT, would go away.
  17. psh guy hit .214 and he's not andruw jones anymore, he doesnt deserve the big bucks. But hey lets see if he can have a nice season in Chicago. I for one am kinda happy the fish didnt go for him.
  18. last game for charlie weis...he and the irish take on stanford. "win one for charlie"
  19. Mike Stanton is going to be one nasty, nasty baseball player for many years.
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