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  1. Wooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo what a game! Wins at Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan State. This team is so resilient (sp?). 8-0 with Northwestern and Indiana at home the next two weeks... then its off to columbus. can't wait to see the bcs rankings... hopefully the hawks leapfrog cinci and boise cant believe iowa is 8-0 notre dame had another close game this time with BC freakin vols couldnt put alabama away and i had a feeling clemson was gonna put miami down
  2. rampage is super funny. but anybody can see that he clearly is not a coach.
  3. way to go MMP welcome to the club.
  4. the show is ok so far...i really wanna see marcus jones fight. and im really hoping rampage and rashad go at it haha
  5. The killers concert at the AAA kicked ass. I saw them at a festival in the summer and they were awesome. Getting to the point where they have a strong catalogue of songs to enable them to perform at a high level for long shows. :sigh: i wish i can re live the show
  6. I dont think USF beats Cincy. Also, Notre Dame plays USC...lets see if this yr is finally the year. Im tired of USC beating up on my boys. That Damn Bush Push still haunts me every once in awhile.
  7. The killers concert at the AAA kicked ass.
  8. They already fought but the show will appear next week. Kimbo is going to slaughter that Nelson guy. That fight cant go 2 rounds.
  9. I like lidge (cuz he went to notre dame) but this makes me sooo happy. Sorry Brad, but you just owned, and i love it.
  10. what a great win for this team. show that they wont go down without a fight. and i dont care what anybody says, you gotta love brett carroll. #25 in your programs, but definitly near the top in your hearts. (atleast in mine)
  11. If iowa defeats penn state, then wow. Im not saying it cant happen, cuz it really can. Im just saying, wow.
  12. I think Kid Rock is cool. I use to really be into his music. :looks for his old kid rock cd:
  13. I really hope this game is on ESPN and not ESPN2 or some alternate crap like it always is. And of course they will talk crap about the marlins. You know about the attendence, and the fire sales,Hanley and the redsox, blah blah blah. It would be really nice if the fish won and hanley had a big game. And i really hope they play well and show some people out there what there all about.
  14. Dan Uggla, i'll miss the home run calls. He's an average 2b but i could see him as a DH or maybe even 1b. There have been times where i havent been on his side because of his low average, the ASG to forget, the K's... But for the most part im a Uggla fan and hope wherever he goes he succeds. It would really suck if he went somewhere else in the NL East, but i see him going into the west for some reason and its going to be weird seeing him in another uniform. Here's to you Danny.
  15. Zac Efron, and the Jonas Brothers...Just die already. You too panic at the disco and fall out boy. ya thats right i said it.
  16. wow FSU all the way to 18? whatever, the polls at this time of year dont really matter. Nd 2-1, charlie weis still on a real hot seat, losing to purdue, would really put nd in the position to start looking else where for a new coach.
  17. "If I had played my career hitting singles like Pete Rose, I'd wear a dress." -Mickey Mantle f***ing awesome Mickey Mantle is the man Oh for sure, Mantle? He was more than the man. Legend.
  18. im pretty sure the playoffs will consist of: phillies/cards/dodgers/rockies yankees/tigers/angels/red sox
  19. i didnt see the game last night but when i saw the highlights, i rewinded (thank you tivo) and i said...why is emilio batting!!! Im never going to like him, ever. Should have been a W.
  20. i really like eric young jr. agreed, Can hit for average, steal bases, very good glove, and has a bit of pop. he's a little spark plug. would love to have him here. kinda warms my heart knowing his dad is watching him. they talked to each other on baseball tonight the other day...i think its just great. to the EY3'S!
  21. i really like eric young jr.
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