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  1. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=4455155 wow things just get worse for the sooners.
  2. USC vs OSU is gonna be a real good game
  3. Really need notre dame to beat michigan. if they lose in the big house, i will be extremly discouraged. I know Michigan is getting a little better but still, ND should win this game no questions asked.
  4. Tom Berenger is awesome. I'll take Jake Taylor when he was in his prime or so...but now? what is he like 50? Knees cant hold up.
  5. I liked it when they showed the CC club...i want one of those hats! and one of the girls even got a ball. in other news...marlins win oh yea. and did i mention that 6th inning kicked ass?
  6. that 6th inning kicked ass
  7. if he would have said they have no fans, or no loyal fans...something in that area...then i would have been really mad
  8. exactly. who the hell likes to pitch in front of 11,000 fans. an a football stadium, ugly orange seats, raining all the time, or pitching when its 100 degrees and your baking out there. I still love penny, his comments dont hurt me.
  9. I expect the cubs to make some move to the back of the rotation. I mean its clear that Marmol/Gregg have serious trouble shutting down the game.
  10. ya good one testicle i mean mystikol and whatever atleast the guy has had success in the bigs, i dont see you ever pitching in the bigs. Btw, that was a poor attempt at humor, considering it's not even close. haha i know its lame, and its a little close. its all i had. i dont have anything against anybody on this site. And no he's not my brother or anything, ive never even seen him up close. Just i dont know, i had a gut feeling, but maybe i was just hungry.
  11. whatever atleast agree with me that Julio is terrible
  12. Big league chew is the best gum ever...
  13. And Btw umm wasnt Benitez actually good here? Jorge Julio sucked ass from the start.
  14. We should've given him another chance. Damn. Seriously. You can never have too much good pitching. haha yea good one rabb. you can never have too much good pitching. but i think everybody here knows that Benitez > Julio I wouldnt want Julio back here, ever.
  15. ya good one testicle i mean mystikol and whatever atleast the guy has had success in the bigs, i dont see you ever pitching in the bigs.
  16. i would like to see fernando gonzalez win but thats not going to happen
  17. whos going to win the nl west?
  18. i was going to write this long post on how i think the marlins need more pitching and more pitching depth (proven pitchers not just anybody) but forget it i dont feel like explaining myself on how you cant really ever have too many good pitchers. we keep bringing up a lot who suck or we get pitchers who have 1 good yr and they go on there way. would like some consistency in the pitching area
  19. PMs FTW. Kthxbye ...ya w/e PM this haha
  20. once again, i wouldnt want him with the marlins i would want him in AAA and so its one bad outing, if he gets ripped next 1-2 outings than w/e
  21. I really hope we can bring the brooms out today. :looks at broom: :nods: ya baby, you and me are going to dance... ah look at the time got to go.
  22. I love our 1st line, they got potential. Now, they just got to do it.
  23. please...oh please...oh please. A bulldog like Brad(ley) Penny back with the fish? Oh thats too good to be true. Ive always been a fan of his and have followed him everywhere he has gone, if they bring him back im for sure going to his first start. He's just one of those guys that couldnt handle the AL East and thats fine, come back to the NL East and raise some hell. Please oh please oh please oh please. If the marlins drop the ball here, i just, i dont know what to do.
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