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  1. Bob had a luxury plane when he was younger for this reason
  2. Just stay away from Bob Dole if he happens to show up! Did someone say Bob's name?
  3. What underground scene host are we getting for the awards? Bob is available for the right price
  4. Up next is the Rodney Dangerfield Award. This is for the user who gets no respect. The nominees are: Erick fauowl44 geemoney Marlins2003 BroncoBob27 miamibaseball MrMarlinPride cornfield Where's Bob's nomination? He gets no respect obviously either.
  5. This is one area where Bob agrees with the organization. These forums should be mixed into one award as they are. The Media Forums Poster of the Year is Ashley.
  6. Bob still hates the name of this forum. It is very bland. The Other Sports Forum Poster of the Year is PitchingWinsGames.
  7. This award should be won by a non-Marlins fan Bob feels. They should be spending the majority of their time in this forum if they are a user after all. The Major League Baseball Forum Poster of the Year is Rabbethan.
  8. Bob hasn't heard of most of the teams in the minors, there seem to be too many of them. The Minor League Baseball Forum Poster of the Year is MarlinsLou.
  9. Bob wonders if the Funniest Winner and Locker Room Winner should just be mixed into one award. The Locker Room Forum Poster of the Year is yenta.
  10. Politics are still going strong here, good to see. The Bull Pen Forum Poster of the Year is Hotcorner.
  11. Everyone should be optimistic about their team, being pessimistic is ridiculous. The Optimistic User of the Year is Hollyberry.
  12. This was an interested idea for a new award but is a bit of a tongue twister to say. The Statistical User of the Year is PitchingWinsGames.
  13. Bob is a fan of humorous posts that keep things light here. The Funniest User of the Year is yenta.
  14. Bob still doesn't understand rewarding another team's fan especially a Mets fan. The Non-Marlins Fan of the Year is mets_bs.
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