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  1. Jazz in the line-up which means his spot in the order is now....
  2. Just sayin'... Bleday looks like a natural swing, Isan's looks awkward somehow
  3. Another wasted scoring opportunity
  4. Lewsi Brinson... The King Of Spring
  5. Really like Bleday's swing. Isan's... not so much
  6. wow Yimi WTF? I know it's spring, but you gave up a 3 run homer to fucking Villar?
  7. That thread needs to be "bumped" for shits and giggles
  8. Samson is still pissed Pujols picked Anaheim over Miami
  9. Same. I like BA but I always feel like we could upgrade somehow (or one of our many young SS prospects like Salas or Cappe would convert to 3B eventually and push BA out in a few years) Can't really explain it more than that.
  10. Guess I'll reveal the 2nd answer in case this thread gets locked... Known for the Top 40 hit "Right On Track", the 80's group "The Breakfast Club" had what female pop singer as their drummer briefly during the band's early years?
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