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  1. This was from a mlb.com June 10th article about trends in the NL East... Marlins: Cutting it close Entering Thursday, the Marlins had surrendered 32 runs in the eighth inning this season -- their most of any frame. In three of their last five losses, they have blown a lead in the eighth or later. But that only tells part of the story. Miami has scored three runs or fewer in 35 of 61 games, including being shut out six times. There is little room for error for a bullpen that has a 3.84 ERA (13th in MLB), as the Marlins rank sixth with 169 total batters faced in high-leverage situations. "I never anticipated us being a real high-scoring team," general manager Kim Ng said on Tuesday. "I don't think that's how we're constructed. We've always said that we were very pitching-centric. I looked at it, over the last day or so, 70% of our games are determined by three runs or less. I think that says something about the pitching, that we're very much in it most of the time. With the offense, I think that really magnifies the importance of each and every run. I think if we can get some more timely runs, this would look a little bit different." -- Christina De Nicola ------------------------------------------------ What I got out of this is that Don continues to make the same mistakes with his bullpen. Look at last night, brings in Bass with a 3 run lead in the 8th and Bass promptly makes it a 1 run game. I don't understand why Don wants to use Bender in the 6th and save Bass for the 8th. Also tells me they know the offense is an issue but they have no immediate plans to fix it. More timely runs??? How about getting better hitters? Timely runs is not gonna happen when you trot Isan out there almost every damn day... If you rely heavily on pitching to overcompensate for bad hitting you're gonna lose 2 to 1 more than you will win 2 to 1, look at how many 1 run games this team has lost, obviously their plan is not working...
  2. Win streak!!!! But LOL @ Don using Bass in the 8th inning... seriously? OK. 6 games below .500. A win tomorrow puts us ahead of the Braves in the win column. Really hope the FO does some things sooner than later to give this team a boost.
  3. Currently: 2,901 HITS 492 HOME RUNS
  4. FFS Aguilar, when a new pitcher comes in and throws 5 straight out of the strike zone you wait for a strike instead of chasing pitches in the dirt... SMGDH
  5. this team is full of fucking idiots who have ZERO baseball IQ
  6. it should be 3 and 0 right now if he was patient
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