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  1. The only way we'll win this one is if Don becomes manager of the Mets for the last inning
  2. There are just too many players that need to be gone by next April. If a majority of them are still here by then, it tells me Jeter & Co. really do not give a shit about fielding a winner
  3. I'm usually very cautious when it comes to trading from the farm system... but more and more I feel like it's gonna be the Loria regime all over again and we are gonna trade our top prospects for Brinson-type players
  4. When you think about it, this was an early season game... Don managed it like one and the bullpen played like it did when April was a disaster
  5. I know this game is meaningless to us at this point, but why not have a defensive sub in LF for the 9th? Yet another 1 run loss I will go on record with this: The Marlins will not make playoffs again with Mattingly at the helm
  6. WHen is Alfaro getting his glasses?
  7. They really shoulda started him in LF the minute they knew Aguilar was not being traded
  8. I saw it in the theater and loved it... Very low budget but it added to its charm. A band of midgets (including Kenny Baker 'R2-D2') steal a map of time holes from the Supreme Being and go on a spree of robbing historical people, dragging a 20th century kid with them along the way. The Devil is watching and wants the map so he can go back and redo creation in his image... David Warner (Tron, Star Trek VI) is great as the Devil.. The Criterion Blu-Ray Edition comes with a replica of the map of time holes 😄 Other Terry Gilliam films you might like: Brazil (with Robert DeNiro) & The Fisher King (with Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges)
  9. GIF #1 - A Terry Gilliam film... you can tell by the trailer that Monty Python people were involved GIF #2
  10. Picture #1 from my gifs.... It was produced by ex-Beatle George Harrison and had members of Monty Python in it (and Sean Connery!) Picture #2... the animated character was voiced by the original voice of Garfield The Cat... It gained cult status on HBO because of a mix-up... The movie was made as a kids flick and voiced by stand-up comedians.... There was an alternate cut made where the comedians started throwing in swear words and it was a joke and not intended for release. Somehow that copy went to HBO and us kids found it and loved all the swearing...lol... The DVD comes with an audio track option for kiddie or swearing version
  11. Like so many games this season, a total waste of time
  12. hmm... #1 Papillon? kinda looks like Steve McQueen on the right #2 - Looks like Yul Brynner, Magnificent Seven?, #3 - Cool Hand Luke, #4 Kinda looks like Ed Harris and Adrienne Barbeau, IDK, #5 Thunderbolt And Lightfoot
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