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  1. We probably have a better chance of getting Bart Simpson
  2. They can have "Guardians" of the Galaxy Night
  3. If Jazz goes to CF as some have posted... Then at some point in the future it's (hopefully) LF J. Sanchez CF Jazz RF Bleday.... 3B Salas SS Watson 2B Cappe 1B L. Diaz.... C Mack and you have Burdick to also work in
  4. another 1 run loss for your fucking scrapbook Ng
  5. at least we go down with our best bats
  6. It always seems like our last ABs are with our bottom 3rd of the order... Don should go against conventional wisdom and flip the line-up so our shit hitters start off the game.... A) We won't score in the first anyway and B) Our usual 1-2-3 hitters would bat during the last inning of the game
  7. Really getting the sense that Don does not want to win this game
  8. I'm really not expecting much in returns,,,, I dare the FO to "wow" me (From 6/4 Game Thread): Sometimes I wonder if this is the FO's Endgame: Part 1) Patch together a roster that shows flashes of hope but can't stay afloat. In other words, a cheap payroll. Part 2) Put together a Top 5 farm system. Remind fans that the future is bright so that they dream of a better roster than the current cheap one. Part 3) Encourage fans to buy tickets and merchandise and remind them about Part 2 as the reason for doing this. "Be there when it happens!" Part 4) Keep just enough top prospects that deserve a call-up down so the Farm System stays as a Top 5 system. Call up lesser prospects to show flashes of that bright future. Remind fans of Part 2 and Part 3. Part 5) Make a profit and fuck over the fanbase. Go back to Part 1 for next season.
  9. are we playing with urgency yet?
  10. It's also a joke that Mattingly was kept on and extended... The ownership coulda stepped in and told Don to stop using pitchers as PHers, but they seem OK with it as well.... A team trying to contend doesn't do that, again it tells me the PTB don't care
  11. What other teams are this cheap? Who else uses pitchers as PHers as much as the Marlins do and has bullpen games constantly because of lack of depth? We had areas of need going into this season that had to be addressed and haven't been This regime is really showing its incompetence right now, it is a joke until they fix what is broken
  12. AFter last season, I had hopes that the Marlins would become a respected and well-run organization. Instead, the Marlins are more of a joke than ever (even worse than Loria). What players will want to come here? If it hasn't happened already, even Jeter is not enough of an influence to want to come here to this cheap dumpster fire... I have absolutely ZERO faith or confidence in this ownership / FO to run a sustainable successful franchise.... It is obvious they either have no clue or they only care about trying to make a profit the cheapest way possible at the expense of alienating and fucking over the fan base... We deserve better than this crap. I really wish there was a Town Hall kinda thing with this ownership so this fan base can tell them off.
  13. Jesus Christ, Don, Yimi has 7 losses... SEVEN!
  14. Seriously, really fucking tired of this shit
  15. Berti & Isan in the 10th.... yeah, this game is fucked
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