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  1. The last two years we probably would’ve lost this series. Incredible that with this stitched together team they were able to do this was impressive.
  2. The marlins haven’t been to Miami in more than a week so they didn’t get it here.
  3. I know we’re still rebuilding but it does feel good to see them try to win games.
  4. Yeah you have to try to get another inning out of him. But I think if the first gets gone on you yank him out.
  5. I’ve listened to some of his podcast and also on lebatard and whether true or not. He blames everything on loria.
  6. Wasn’t everyone here saying Tank for Tork? So wouldn’t he be the obvious choice if available ?
  7. If it’s taken this long for anyone to sign him i can’t imagine him getting that much money anyway.
  8. I agree that mattingly is a terrible in game manager, but the players seem to like him. So for a rebuilding team that’s not a bad thing to have a player’s manager.
  9. I saw several outlets are predicting the mets to win the division. But what did they do to improve ? They signed porcello?
  10. If that fires him up and plays well then it’s a good thing. He did have bad luck with the pitches that hit him, but he’s also had other injuries before and after that.
  11. Whats a good place to see how these analytics stats are calculated. I recently was able to learn FIP but now I’m seeing SIERA and xFIP. I don’t know if I can handle it.
  12. Isn’t Sierra out of options ? It’s too bad if he’s never given a chance. He was much improved last season albeit in a small sample size in the majors.
  13. I can’t believe that terrible 3 hitter rule actually is being implemented. Total garbage. A sport that people already call boring and you just took out one of the most interesting strategical elements of the game.
  14. I don’t understand why you DFA Brice and Keller but still have Conley stinking it up in the pen.
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