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  1. The mets just got Lindor. So how many more years into the rebuild before we start competing with the Braves Nationals and mets ? At least the Phillies are sort of going the opposite direction.
  2. Id love to see a team in Puerto Rico.
  3. I think the dude said the hat belongs to his girlfriend. He’s probably a soccer fan.
  4. He didn’t win MOTY because he “manager more “ with a DH. He won it solely because he took a team that was picked to finish last to a .500 record and made the expanded playoffs. Mattingly is a horrendous in game manager with or without the DH. He’s a great player manager and he consistently gets players to play hard for him and the team. I base this opinion on what players have consistently said about him since his Dodgers days.
  5. DH games are boring because what I consider to be one of the most compelling and entertaining parts of baseball, which is in game strategy and bullpen management is heavily reduced. It isn’t because there’s a higher chance of more offense that I think DH games are more boring.
  6. DH games are boring as hell. The strategy “argument” like the more offense is more fun argument are just matters of personal preference. I rather watch a 2-1 game where every move matters than a 13-7 game. The currently homerun or strikeout tendency the league has had is not particularly fun. Base stealing, hit and runs, plays at the plate. All of that is way more exciting. It’s a matter of personal preference, but to me what it comes down to is why not just leave one league with the DH for people who prefer that type of baseball and one without it for the other group of people. It makes the most sense. As to Michael I see your point regarding the pitch clock and the three hitter minimum. You’re right about that.
  7. Re-signing Kintzler wouldn’t necessary foreclose they possibility of adding other relievers. Ideally having kintzler in the 7th or 8th and having a better closer for the 9th should be the plan.
  8. Or you’ll get to see them just earlier and for a shorter period of time. Glass half full ?
  9. And I’m sure as the pro DH people wake up we’re going to get lambasted for our opinions. However, this topic is very much about personal preference. If right now we have a perfect balance of a league that has it and one that doesn’t why change it ? It’s like when a religious fanatic needs to impose their beliefs on me. I don’t bother them about their beliefs so why push them on me. the argument that DH makes the game less boring because there’s more scoring suffers from the typical Manfred idiocy that more offensive equals less boredom. His entire premise has always been wrong. People who think baseball is boring think so because of the pace of play. Pitch clocks, more offense, stupid 3 batter minimum rules aren’t going to make the game less boring for those type of people. keep it the way it is which is a perfect compromise and don’t ruin the game for the other half of the fans.
  10. I’m actually surprised the consensus here favors the boring ass universal DH. yes most pitchers suck at hitting, but the strategy surrounding that lineup spot makes the game significantly more entertaining. Deciding when to PH. Double switches. Example 1-1 game in the Bottom 5th and your starter is dealing but you have bases loaded 2 outs. Do you PH to try to score or stick with your ace? Things like that are why baseball is the greatest game in the world. with universal DH the skill is almost completely removed from bullpen management, even moreso now with the idiotic 3 hitter minimum rule for relievers. the current situation is perfect. If you like the boring mindless no strategy DH baseball you have the Americans league. If you enjoy the game for its strategy and intricacies you have the NL. No reason to ruin the NL also.
  11. The last two years we probably would’ve lost this series. Incredible that with this stitched together team they were able to do this was impressive.
  12. The marlins haven’t been to Miami in more than a week so they didn’t get it here.
  13. I know we’re still rebuilding but it does feel good to see them try to win games.
  14. Yeah you have to try to get another inning out of him. But I think if the first gets gone on you yank him out.
  15. I’ve listened to some of his podcast and also on lebatard and whether true or not. He blames everything on loria.
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