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  1. Skully

    Poor Dan

    Some people are making WAY too big of a deal here... I'm glad the last few posts have tossed some reasoning into this thread. Uggla had a bad game. Sucks that he had to have this type of game on such a big stage. I'm sure nerves played a role as well as the ankle. You could see he didn't really plant his foot on the ball that went under his legs... But whatever, if he keeps playing the way he has for the last 3 years, he'll have many more All-Star games to redeem himself. He's a professional. Once the real games start, he'll forget about this and move on... But I'm sure he's kicking himself and won't be able to stop thinking about during the next 2 off days.. And I was yelling at Hurdle for taking Brian Wilson out in the 8th.. Of course, I'm biased and wanted to see my lone San Francisco Giant representative finish the inning. But Wilson was throwing gas and got 2 quick outs. He should have let him face Sizemore instead of bringing Wagner in...
  2. AARON ROWAND !!!! The dude played over a month with cracked ribs and still put up great numbers and played his friggin heart out.. And may I take this opportunity to say that I am so pissed Bengie Molina was not selected to be on the team.. I don't know if you have to be a Giants fan and watch this guy day in and day out, but his numbers are impressive too. He deserves to be there.
  3. Just looked it up and he's currently batting .286 with 1 HR and 5 RBI for Oakland's AAA club.
  4. I feel bad for Linden. He was considered one of the Giants top prospects for a long time and never really got a chance with them. His best shot came last year and he had a horrible first month before they let him go. I really hope he gets another chance and catches on with a team that will give him one last shot to play every day.
  5. Funny you guys mention that, cause the Giants and Dodgers did that the other day... Before the game, the local weather guys in L.A forecasted that heavy rains would come around the 2nd inning. Joe Torre and Bruce Bochy didn't want to waste their starters, so each went with a reliever to start the game. Turned out that the weather held up longer than anticipated, so Tim Lincecum came into the game in relief in the 4th inning.... Ironically, the rain came once the starters entered the game and caused an hour rain delay, but he ended up going 4 innings for the win.
  6. I like the slogan. The last few years, the Giants have looked lazy and haven't played with any heart. This year, they are devoted to playing all out.... That's what it's gonna take to win some games.. and while everyone knows the wins will be few and far between this year, it won't be for lack of effort or hustle...
  7. I SEVERELY doubt someone does How about the Giants. You have to remember Jason Wood is 38 years old. I guess that makes him younger than a couple people on the Giants lineup, no? The old veterans the Giants are playing are guys that had multi year deals (Durham, Aurilia, Vizquel, Roberts, Winn, etc...).. But they have shown that they are giving the young guys a chance this year.. Guys like Rajai Davis, Fred Lewis, Eugenio Velez... They realize this will be a very long year, so I wouldn't count on the Giants going after him.
  8. We still haven't found a contractor willing to sign on that they can build a "world-class" stadium with retractable roof for 500M.....and the Marlins have offered only 20M(chump change) in cost-over-runs. Where did you read that? In all the talks, especially in the gruesome hours watching the commissioner's hearing, I never heard them mention a cap as far as overruns go. They always said they would be responsible for any overruns, but a figure was never thrown out there... At least I never heard one.
  9. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen anything official on this, but I have a friend that works for the county. He was in the room for those dreadful hours when the commissioners were babbling on before they voted... Anyways, he said the whole situation with the police was sorted out a week or so ago, so I'm not sure what's going on. But the county is already moving forward, assigning resources to the project, etc... So I don't know what's up with the media, but ever since I spoke with him, I've been pretty comfortable that it's a done deal... I hope there haven't been any changes since we last spoke.
  10. Damn.. as a Giants fan, I really really don't like this. The whole point of this season for San Fran is to give some young guys a shot. Ortmeier was gonna play 1st with either Frandsen or Aurilia at 3rd. Rotoworld thinks they may have Castillo at 3rd, with Aurilia shifting to 1st. Ortmeier's performance this spring hasn't been the best, but I really hope they at least give him a month... And what makes it worse, is this whole thing with his attitude. Since Bonds' departure, the focus has been on having a warrior mentality and being more loose in the clubhouse... This was not a good pickup.. I hope I'm proved wrong.
  11. Damn sorry.. didn't realize there was already a thread for this....
  12. This article doesn't really quote anyone, but apparently Cantu will be our every day 3rd baseman with Castillo not even making the team. I was never a big fan of Castillo, so I hope this is true. Plus, this could mean that Jason Wood makes the club again.. http://florida.marlins.mlb.com/news/articl...sp&c_id=fla
  13. I've read a few articles about this whole thing and there is no mention of Niner even putting a uniform on. Drunk Guy posted the link to the main story on the official site and even added the quote that someone may have misread. He signs the contract when the Marlins are playing at home, but I highly doubt he plays.. I wish he would, but it doesn't mention that anywhere.
  14. I really hope this whole thing with his eyes getting fixed is what's contributing to his great spring. I've never been a big fan of his, but he has looked really good....
  15. I haven't heard this anywhere else, but my mom (out of all people) apparently heard this today. She was listening to some spanish radio station and heard Felo Ramirez mention that the Marlins were signing Niner to a one day contract, to allow him to retire a Marlin. She also heard some mention of a small ceremony for him when he officially announces this... Anyone else heard this?
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