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  1. 9/29 Braves vs Fish

    So far.... no #60....just Straily pitching like shit
  2. 9/29 Braves vs Fish

    Done with Straily... fuck you Mike Hill for trading Castillo
  3. When did you become a Marlins fan and why?

    I have been a fan since late '92....once it was official and the expansion draft took place, I already had a cheap replica of the teal striped jersey and the all-teal cap. I have been a fan for everything that has happened with this team, I skipped class to watch Opening Day '93 against the Dodgers and was ecstatic that we got Gary Sheffield right before my birthday.... Growing up in NJ, all we got was WPIX and I knew at a young age that I hated the Yankees. My family moved to PA right around the time the Phillies won the '80 series. I never got attached to the Phillies and their mid-80's teams didn't help sway me. I waited for expansion and until then, I followed the A's during the late 80's /early 90's... '93 - '03 was a fun ride watching the team turn into 2 time Champs. The Loria years, however, have been mostly depressing.
  4. 9/7 Marlins Braves

    Im fucking done with them for the year.
  5. How will you react to the firesale?

    Fuck it all anyway, I'm back on the boycott bandwagon
  6. 9/6 Marlins vs. Nats

    Gave up 2 runs already.... smfh
  7. How will you react to the firesale?

    Speaking of trades.... or past trades... http://m.mlb.com/player/622491/luis-castillo Fuck
  8. Sept 5 Nationals vs Marlins

    this team no longer knows how to knock in a run with a base hit.... complete shitfest
  9. Stanton chasing history

    Stanton hits 60+. Marlins trade him for nothing. We pay his entire remaining salary and Jeter will not sign free agents for years in order to save money on payroll.
  10. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    Seriously. 2 walks and then does that on a 2 strike count
  11. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    Game over. Garcia can't pitch for shit now...
  12. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    Garcia has been shit lately
  13. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    Yeah. I liked him when he first came up but now I think he is a liability
  14. 9/4 Nats Marlins

    gj Anderson.... still at .308....a hit in each of his four games