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  1. fuck this suck for draft trade caleb
  2. outhitting and trailing by 3... typical marlins game
  3. QUESTION: When Jazz gets called up, where will he bat in the line-up? ANSWER:
  4. I am the walrus...coo-coo-ca-chew
  5. Most of us would be arrested for looking at kids
  6. "Ummm….uhhhh….huh-huh-huh... you said "Cock"... huh-huh-huh" "Yeah. Yeah. Cock. Cock... yeah...heh-heh-heh" "Ummm… shut up, fart-knocker... I'll kick your ass..."
  7. something because it seems like he is trying too hard
  8. not that... seems like he needs to regain confidence
  9. I wonder if Isan should go back to AAA for a few weeks
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