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  1. Unless ALcantatra is on some sort of rookie innings count, there was NO reason to pull him early
  2. Exactly, at least a hit and run, if BA misses, you still have a shot of gettting Herrera in scoring position, but Dumb Donnie wants to lose
  3. You have a speedster on first but just let him sit there for the inevitable DP ball... smh
  4. Don nust be happy they're losing again
  5. Anderson doesn't have it today
  6. goddamit Herrera you worthless piece of shit
  7. Pirates have had a lot of leadoff guys reach 2nd with no outs today... Alcantara likes to live dangerously
  8. Don wants to lose. Chen warming up
  9. Alcantara gets a lead and then can't get outs
  10. why do players NOT keep the tag on basestealers? safe or not, not a fan of that bad habit
  11. damn... Cooper just missed that slam
  12. Good. I fired them up with my lack of faith!
  13. Game over... this offense isn't gonna do shit against Archer
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