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  1. CyggyMarlin

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    at least 30 pages of my puns
  2. CyggyMarlin

    Anderson finishes 4th for ROTY

    Mike Hill: I could have asked for Flaherty? Oh, well...
  3. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    no you are probably suffering from "Vertigo"
  4. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    I'm at the end of my "rope", this thread is suffering from "sabotage"
  5. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    this comment is for "the birds"
  6. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    that's racist!!!
  7. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    no "bones" about it
  8. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    it's his birthday too
  9. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    He owns an NFL team too?
  10. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    good way to... cap an off-season
  11. CyggyMarlin

    New Logo Coming

    Larry Stadium
  12. CyggyMarlin

    Marlins' Biggest Free Agent Regret?

    For the best signing, maybe Pudge....
  13. CyggyMarlin

    Realmuto's agent says JT will not sign extension

    I expect JT will be gone... I would like him to stay but with him entering prime playing years and looking to make a payday, why stay and rebuild if you can get in with a team built to make playoffs now... if the Marlins trade him before Free Agency then it's win-win for him (and us if Mike Hill doesn't fuck up the trade)... I don't think less of him if that is his rationale ...
  14. maybe get one of our guys back from the INTL $$$ trade
  15. It is better to have offered and lost than to have never offered at all

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