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  1. Gallen for the birthday win!!!!!
  2. Someone who is good with photoshop needs to take a Jimi Hendrix Experience album and replace Jimi Hendrix with Derek jeter on the cover
  3. If attendance is going up now, how will this impact the experience?
  4. Mike Hill Trades 5 of Marlins Top Pitching Prospects To Nationals For Fernando Rodney To Improve Bullpen Seriously though, is it wrong that I want the Marlins to keep all these pitching prospects?
  5. Awesome, cause I got this card this morning!!! Treated myself to an early B-Day present!
  6. and Castillo catching? man, Don really trotting out the line-up tonight
  7. No Harold tonight, but Riddle and Granderson?
  8. so in order to sign "Cal Ripken, Jr." we had to sign "Billy" too
  9. always heard the younger brother is supposed to be a better hitter
  10. http://www.milb.com/milb/stats/stats.jsp?gid=2019_06_24_mrlrok_astrok_1&t=g_box&sid=milb Names to watch: Victor Mesa Jr (apparently he had bad luck - hit hard right at people all day but did walk twice) Tristan Pompey Nasim Nunez Ynmanol Marinez (International SS signing a few years back but now at 3B - he was 16 at the time of signing)
  11. The starting pitching has been fantastic; they deserve people coming out to cheer them on; they earned it
  12. This is not directed at any individual, If you still don't feel like supporting the Marlins yet because of all the teardowns and mistrust, then fine, you can still go to their games to watch the future HOFers on other teams play; if you are a fan of baseball, then watch a baseball game (who cares in all seriousness who is playing)... When I could travel, I would go to Phillies games often, (even if the Marlins weren't in town), not to support the Phillies but to watch the other teams; for example I went years ago to watch the Reds because Griffey Jr was coming to town...
  13. concede the guy on 3rd just get the next 2
  14. jesus christ, Don better have a quick trigger on ANderson
  15. my point exactly, his ERA is going way up
  16. 3rd in NL reliever strike outs, but that ERA is concerning
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