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  1. something because it seems like he is trying too hard
  2. not that... seems like he needs to regain confidence
  3. I wonder if Isan should go back to AAA for a few weeks
  4. not all of it... stanek walks the first guy after the marlins score 3, they both are to blame
  5. I never want to see Stanek try to save a game again
  6. Stanek you asshole - walk the leadoff runner after we get 3
  7. lol chen and conley in same game... just hit the "nuke" button for this game
  8. Seriously, when the fuck does Conley stop wasting a roster space?????
  9. didn't know conley was into that kinky stuff
  10. Here's your game thread... Noesi is fucking garbage
  11. outhit the other team and still lost with a shutout #FuckingOffense
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