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  1. Here they go again, arm injuries, partying etc, does it ever end? I do appreciate the kind words spoken here from you guys though. First let me say that Brad has had some tendinitis, nothing ever serious, Marlins did mri's etc. He was fine. No pithcer ever goes injury free. About the South Beach thing, absolutely untrue!! He would sometimes go with a guest that was staying with him because they wanted to see it. But he hated the traffic etc. Brad would rather be fishing. I think that people talk smack to make themselves feel more important. Brad didnt feel hated by the Marlin fans at all. He always got a warm reception and heard postive things from them. As far as the diamondbacks, they wanted him really bad. The new owner was Brads agent, Jeff Moorad. The Dodgers pulled the plug on the trade, not the Diamondbacks. I hope you guys keep up with Brad and keep defending him, we all miss you guys!!!!
  2. I was actually talking about his rape case. I hadnt heard anything, whether it had been dropped or was getting ready to start.
  3. Hello my Marlin friends, watching the playoffs made me think of last year and how exciting it was sitting in the stands with the towels waving and the crowd chanting as they walked down the ramps after the games, and, well, I missed you guys!!!!!lol. Anyway, I have been wondering about Castro and what is going on with him. Anyone have any news?
  4. I cant really go pick one up cuz I am in Oklahoma. Admin gave me a # to call though. Thanks guys. Good luck to the Fish..
  5. Hey guys!! I miss this forum and chatting with you, anyone know how I can get the army poster they gave away??? I really want one, please let me know.
  6. Hello, its me, just wanted to let you know something about Cabs wife, she doesnt speak english and is very insecure about it. Once you meet and try to talk to her, she is very sweet. She doesnt do much since she cant really communicate. I feel sorry for her, she needs to learn english, I think she would be alot happier.
  7. Thanks for the good wishes guys, we are sure happy tonight!!!! Just thought I would give you a little fyi, (especially the ones that think Brad has had all kinds of arm problems, shoulder, elbow, whatever.) They did the mri on his shoulder, elbow and bicep, all checked out 100%. No problems anywhere. And Cape, I would like to know if you follow Brad to the stadium and see just exactly what he does or doesnt do as far as working out? I know for a fact he works him arm, he doesnt throw a side if that is what you are referring to, and have you seen the size of his thighs???? They are huge, and solid as a rock, you dont get those from not working. Power for pitchers come from their legs. You really need to talk about something you might know about, maybe you wouldnt be getting blasted all the time.
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the concern for Brad, I appreciate it, thought I would give you an update on Brad, he did leave the game in pain, it appears to be a strained bicep muscle, the mri will be today so we will will find out something concrete. Sabitha had the same thing last year and only missed one start. He said it is VERY PAINFUL when it happens, which would explain the agony Brad was in. As for Cape, once again you show your youth and immaturity. As far as Brad having arm problems in the past, they were all very minor things and there isnt a pitcher in the league that hasnt had some sort of minor injuries. Pitching is a very unnatural way for the arm to move and EVERYONE has problems from time to time. I know you are hoping he is seriously injured because then you could say I told you so!!! Everytime you open your mouth, you show how young you are. Although, I thought you were like 12. Dr. Cape speaks, so it must be!!!!!!!
  9. I have never generalized all the fans here, many times I have thanked those that supported Brad and the other players. I know that the fans here are only a small percent of all the fans, its the ones talking smack that anger me, not just with Brad, but all the players, as well as the coaches. I am not angry that the Marlins traded Brad, I happen to think it was the best thing that could have happened to him and the organization was very good to him. You have no idea what kind of heart Brad has, its people making comments like that, you dont even know him, you have no right to judge him. Its your opinion yes, but again, you dont know him.
  10. And what bothers me about you cape, is that you think your opinion about Beckett or Penny is the way it is. You dont know Jack about either really. You make assumptions and that is how it is??? I dont think so, and for the record, I am sure they wouldnt like you either. Brad never ever got caught up in the #1, 2 or 3 starter, it didnt matter to him. Everyone had a job to do, trust me, none of them go out there and plan on being mediocre!
  11. You know, I think the ones doing the major bashing were also complaining about not being able to get anyone to sign balls. Oh well, what goes around, comes around.
  12. I know that most of you guys did support Brad, and I thank you for that. I tell you, he did leave a piece of his heart there. I have no ill feelings toward the Marlins, even with the trade. I know its business, and actually I really think it will be the best thing ever for Brad. I dont want anyone thinking I was taking shots at the organization, because that was not my intention, they were very good to Brad, he had no complaints. Its the few fans on this board that I get so furious at. Anyway, enough of that. I know you guys will be fine. You have a team full of world series champions and that counts for alot. They will get the kinks worked out and things will turn around, Hey, who ever thought we would do what we did last year???? good luck to everyone, and thanks again. I probably wont be able to stay out of here, I do still follow the Marlins.
  13. No one was taking a cheap shot at the Marlins organization, we love the Marlins, and Brad loved the Marlins. I was addressing the comment that cape made saying that Brad was in it only for the money. That was not true, sure the money is an issue, it is a business, for the players and the organization. Even though Brad is gone, I still follow the Marlins and wish them well. I dont want to see anyone on the team do bad, or the team as a whole. Jack is awesome and I hate seeing fans blaming things on him as well. I just get really tired of seeing trash talk about these guys when they dont deserve it.
  14. I read your trash talk regr Penny, as usual, you speak without knowing facts. As far as Brad being in it for the money, the Marlins were approached by Brads agent before the season began to try to work a deal to sign him for a 3-4 yr deal for a WHOLE LOT LESS than he ever would have mad thru arbitration, they sd no, when he started off so strong, then they came to him and sd ok, we will do it now if you will make it happen, so he sd no. Not one player on the field, is out there for any reason other than the love of the game, their talent and THE MONEY. It is a business, for the owners as well as the players. As far as Brad and Jack having a problem, only once, when Jack and Rosey took him out of the rotation and told the other team members before telling Brad. Jack actually told Brad he respected him for standing up for himself. One of the 1st phone calls Brad recvd after his debut with the dodgers was from Jack, he told Brad how proud he was of him and that he really loved Brad. Josh Beckett on the other hand, trashes Jack every chance he gets, yet you have no problem with that. I sat with a member of Jacks family at the mets game who told me Josh gives Jack alot of crap, all the time. But then again, he is your golden boy, he is the one to save the Marlins. Well, I hope soon that he lives up to his potential. I am glad Brad was traded. The fans and the organization has made him feel so welcome, and they see what Brad brings to the team. You guys never did.
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