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  1. Can't PM because of the current site setting, but I'd be interested in those tickets. I don't know how the rain check policy works, but I assume you can't get those exact tickets for any game. For instance, this Saturday against the Cubs--what seats would be given for the rain check tickets?
  2. Anyone know what channel this game is on the DISH network?
  3. Lefty

    Penny Cave

    This is actually a very good idea. I hope they find a loophole in FL juris to allow for this.
  4. Last year was pretty awful...I can't go this year, but I think it'll be much better than before.
  5. It would be awesome if the Mets lost tonight somehow... BTW John Baker must be feeling a euphoria like none other. Maybin is at 1st every single time he comes to bat.
  6. This is getting exciting...Hopefully JJ can keep his cool and shut them down now, because this win would be huge.
  7. Lefty

    New Pokemon

    holy crap,best post ever.
  8. a guy who likes to bake? Question O M G When did you become Das' protege? Question
  9. Holly you stink at reading, how did you get into FSU.
  10. Anyone who doesn't get the game but wants to watch it online, PM me.
  11. He only posted it because he says he knows the guy. The only information he provides is that 'Jeff admits he screwed up'. Name dropper.
  12. Well if it's going to happen, it'll be after this season.
  13. I'm not taking a date to the Awards Show this year cause I want to be able to hook up at the after party. :cool I am the after party :hat I have that shirt.
  14. Not to say that we won't take him, but the Dolphins pulled a similar move in the '05 draft. They appeared to be targeting Braylan Edwards even on draft day, then took Ronnie.
  15. Make Yourself by Incubus I'm more of an Morning View fan myself. That's by far my favorite Incubus album. Light Grenades FTW
  16. Scotty looked very good there. Placing his pitches perfectly.
  17. Now I'm just confused...is this supposed to be a joke or something?
  18. I thought it was revolutionary until I got to the #8 spot.
  19. Pitching will come around, especially when Pinto joins the roto and Nolasco gets his start later this week. Also, hitting should get better when Hermida returns, and in late May/early June when Maybin gets the callup.
  20. I'm just going to have to find out where Holly lives and watch thru the window or something. OR, I could just have a productive Sunday and do some work.
  21. Damnit, I can't justify spending even 20 bucks for one month. Stupid maturity.
  22. MLB.tv works for you in Tally? Seriously?
  23. If meeting Admin is the highlight of your day, you must lead a sad life. crushed rock particles > Admin Walansky
  24. Once De Aza and Ross are fully healthy again, with Hermida back in the lineup, this offense 'can' definitely be potent. And I trust Olsen to get us 13-14 wins with a sub-4 ERA when it's all said and done. If Nolasco can get another 13-14 (very possible) and Volstad's May call-up proves worthy, we can do some things. Obviously it's all on our pitching right now. I just hope we don't make it a habit of waiting until the home half of the last inning to win.
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