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  1. I think it'll hurt Sinclair the most if they dont strike deals with the major streaming services. There are plenty of free "alternatives" to watch local sports teams.......
  2. Id have to assume before NHL, MLB, NBA starts back up a deal will be done And price increases for everyone
  3. CoastieMike

    CPBL HR rob

    So Geff brings up a great point. What is the rule on if a HR is robbed with runners on, they score as if thinking HR, OF acts nonchalant on the catch and proceeds to get the double/triple play? and why don’t MLB players ever think of this?
  4. ah ok, for some reason I thought he was UFA.
  5. other than playing with him on MVP Baseball or MLBTS lol.
  6. have a offseason worthwhile to eliminate the thought. Not necessarily open the check book, but fill the most obvious voids vs piecing things together. My offseason wishes. Pick up Starling 12.5M option. See how this season/OF prospects growth goes and offer extension mid season. Pick up Kintzler 4M option, why not, best arm in the pen this season. Sign a 3/4 guy, preferably a LHP. Mike Minor, Jose Quintana, Alex Wood, Robbie Ray (any of those guys can get an AAV of 8-12M)? Include them in the rotation with Sandy, Pablo, Sixto (inning restriction?) and whoever fills the 5
  7. Best all time sunday night broadcast with Joe and Jon Miller.
  8. prefer not a rook...... Mike Minor, Jose Quintana type guy.
  9. Is Kintzler 4 MIL option worth it? Granted the short season, he had his best season in his 10 years. Stanek didnt show his dominance in relief, nobody really did.
  10. Need a solid middle rotation guy and pen IMO. I hope we keep Aguilar, but that also puts Cooper handcuffed if we are banking on the plethora of OF prospects in the org.
  11. Well ATT was about to charge me $210 per month with fees (RSN fees, local fees, this fee, that fee, etc) for cable/internet. Add standalone such as netflix, hulu, disney plus (my wife "HAS" to have it) and im looking at around 240ish. Called ATT, got unlimited internet data 1000 mbps for 59.99 straight, no extra fees. Did the YTTV for a while for the 70 whatever it was with fees. Ended up with the Hulu bundle (live tv, hulu, disney, espn) for 70ish after taxes and netflix. Saving almost 100 extra a month cutting the "cord"
  12. Guarding the coast today, can’t watch LEHGO MAHLENS
  13. Just switched to Hulu from YoutubeTV which has no MLBN 😡
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