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  1. Even with a winning team, i would think off the field issues, such as accessibility to the stadium, will always hinder fans. JRS, Pro Player, etc was very accessible for fans north and south, with parking (most important IMO) being convenient. Marlins park on the other hand is in a tight spot i feel, yea there's garages (always empty, no fans, blah blah joke) but taking the 836 is always a mess because of construction. I-95 for a 7 pm game is a joke. Living in NY for 5 years, those fans have it good, subways and the long island railroad, no traffic to deal with, parking lots, etc.
  2. I thought I saw while watching MLBN, only players in the pool can be traded.
  3. good watch, I'm glad the Marlins are connecting with the fans via social media, finally! Between this is and Miggy Ro's clubhouse, pretty solid. Would love for Severino and Geffner to continue their podcast though.
  4. Damn all these years on the forum and you are still very bitter.
  5. Hmmm. To sign a veteran or dig into the system 🤫
  6. how so? These 60 games are going to be all about strategy. 6 man rotations, starters coming in as relievers, universal DH (more offense), expanded rosters (potential for young talent to step up), etc. Seems like it'll be very interesting to say the least.
  7. i will never forget about Manzanillo because he always smacked himself in the balls on the mound as a joke.
  8. Casey McGehee, he was never going to replicate that first season.
  9. I guess ill say the obvious since no one has... Conine and Redmond Robert Andino comes to mind, only because i was at the game vs the White Sox. Reid Cornelius as a player and then bullpen coach. I remember playing Triple Play baseball with him lol.
  10. Me gusto mucho. The familiarity of areas should be of help for players, as most rent spring training homes. Could have their families with them.
  11. As much as the World Series is remember, that NLCS was great. I was only 7, but the names Glavine Maddux and Smoltz even gave me chills at the age.
  12. hitting at Marlins park during the day is tough with unless its overcast. A lot of stadium closed day games will be in my future
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