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  1. anyone noticed they took away the Player Picks for each game?
  2. So is Blake Snell offended to? He's worn du rags on his gaming channel a few times.
  3. He’s playing in the Olympics, I’m guessing he wants to play (won’t be eligible if with MLB)
  4. Did they stop doing this? Last year it was each game. It’s been about 2 series now.
  5. LEHGO MAHLENS Sandy got this today.
  6. Seems like someone was having extra marital affairs. Not the first them they've had physical violence towards each other. I'm confused about the two phone deal, is that common? And MLB is weird, Chapman, Odubel Herrera, Domingo German are still playing, Addison Russell and Roberto Osuna aren't. Talent ultimately will dictate whether a player plays again or not.
  7. As much as it shouldn’t happen, do people really expect to to not happen? It’s social media, it’s people hiding behind phones and computer. If you can’t handle the criticism, threats, etc, don’t post on social media. It is 100% wrong, but it’ll never not happen.
  8. So the legacy jerseys are a mainstay for the future? Is that what he’s saying? where the blue jerseys at tho
  9. A little late, but Lehgo Mahlens
  10. Thank you. Was wondering the same thing.
  11. Any codes today? can’t watch
  12. 5/1 BALLY321 (didn’t see it on the scorebar, just guessed it was backwards since that’s what Bally has been doing)
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