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  1. Sometime after 2015, which will hopefully be when Loria gets the hell out of town. Exactly... What will guarantee that the human baseball team wrecking ball will even sell the team by then?
  2. Just another log to throw in the bonfire that douche Loria is turning this season into... Good read but sad to think that there is no hope for this clown to learn and improve as an owner. So sick of this guy... Just am wondering if MLB will jump in and intervene on the behalf of the ball club or fans. Smh.
  3. I'm tempted to set my DVR but I am not sure it's worth the effort to log into Directv to program the damned thing... SMH
  4. Overall, it looks like he's in for a year very similar to his rookie year, if his stuff remains the same. Of course his luck is going to normalize and he's not going to keep getting all the calls he undoubtedly does. He's not unhittable whatsoever so I'm sure that LD% will also go up. If that happens, his ZiPS projection looks pretty damn good to me: 140 IP, 7-11, 6.44 K/9, 4.41 ERA. I know it all doesn't matter anyways. Just some interesting observation, I guess. Thanks... Def interesting read. Ricky has been effective but just hasn't been amazing. I agree that he has been and alwa
  5. I have seen zero improvement in doing the little things correctly that a small ball team needs to do. Until that happens................... I agree with you. We just don't find ways to put the ball in play during the correct situation in the game. Moving the runner over, hustling through 1st base on a ground ball, etc. Fundamental ball... Oh wait... This is what is normally learned in the minors. Gotcha...
  6. I love these welcome threads, where everyone acts even more retarded than they usually do to convey some sort of message about the atmosphere here and how loose and cool it is - when in reality half of us hate each other. LMAO... It's a barometer of the board. Now I am positive that I picked the correct Marlins forum. Thanks for the welcome and I def feel that f***ery is highly appropriate. More asterisks the better...
  7. Hey all... I am glad to have found this site and have made it my #1 source of Marlins info. I have been a Marlins fan since Day 1 and am saddened to see the current state of my fav ballclub. I will continue to be a fan but cannot accept the trainwreck that our clown of an owner has tried to force down our throats. I look forward to the daily dialogue and recaps from each game. MODS: Keep up the good work.
  8. I understand we suck but I don't see why every thread from this guy has to punch us in the face with the obvious. He's just saying everything that rational fans are thinking. I catch myself cheering for them to get a clutch hit or make a big play only to fall flat.Pretty disconcerting.
  9. I find myself watching these games, hoping for something good to happen but nada. Kinda sad... I am sure I'll continue to watch and hope for nothing.
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