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  1. He deserves a bench spot. Not much else to say here. Has more tools than Solano and can fill in at 3b, 2b, and apparently 1b now.
  2. I hope we can keep him. He is a high floor type with great experience on the back end of the rotation. He would help more than he would hurt the team next year. I just hope he can drink the cool aid and try to be part of something that the front office is putting together.
  3. The farm is just terrible. No real high upside besides Kolek maybe. Our position players are as average as they come. We just put a lot of emphasis on stacking the MLB roster so now maybe we can hit the ground running with incoming prospects. It's not like we had a great farm system prior to the trades but as of now we have a terrible farm system. Some few possible bright spots Anderson and maybe Davis as stated above but nothing that pops out at you. We have done a decent job in semi recent years in the draft ie. Stanton, Yellich so maybe there is some hope there. Only one 50+ prospect which is considered average what a shame. It is hard to criticize when Heaney, Moran, Marisnick, Kike, Barnes, and compensatory draft picks turned into basically Cosart, D. Gordon, Morris, Wates, and whatever Haren ends up turning into. Maybe that will be a bad trade in hindsight, but can't deny they view those front 3 as big pieces moving forward. The farm would be perceived much differently if those first 3 were still around. Saying that, if they get a 2/3 SP with Kolek, 4/5 SP with Nicolino and Williams (high floor guys), a starting catcher in Realmuto, a starting 2B from Romero/Twine/Anderson (and Dietrich), and develop half a bullpen of solid relievers from Urena, Conley, Dayton, Caminero, etc., that's a real good compliment to what they have and they'll be fine. I'm not that down on this given the MLB control time of the current MLB team. But they should absolutely invest in some international signing this next calendar year and really need to have a strong draft because if they bomb a year or two of talent acquisition with this very limited depth, it could look scary on the 4-5 year plan. Not a criticism, you are actually saying the same thing I said. I meant that we got rid of the best pieces in a average farm system which left us with a below average farm but with a more balanced and major league ready team. What we have left in the farm is below average by all standards but we will have an opportunity to build here over the next few seasons. I'm not concerned with 2b situation as you mention that we have so many options here because I feel front office has plans for Gordon to be there for some time. If Gordon can replicate anything similar to what he did last year he is a far better 2b option than anything in the farm. Romero and Dietrich have backup potential on any regular MLB infield and if Anderson or Twine can put it together have the best upside of the 4. I wouldn't be surprised to see Anderson at 3b in the future (plus arm and power potential) and if Twine can make more contact would be a nice option at SS or 2B (he is very very young).
  4. The farm is just terrible. No real high upside besides Kolek maybe. Our position players are as average as they come. We just put a lot of emphasis on stacking the MLB roster so now maybe we can hit the ground running with incoming prospects. It's not like we had a great farm system prior to the trades but as of now we have a terrible farm system. Some few possible bright spots Anderson and maybe Davis as stated above but nothing that pops out at you. We have done a decent job in semi recent years in the draft ie. Stanton, Yellich so maybe there is some hope there. Only one 50+ prospect which is considered average what a shame.
  5. Expensive but would make a difference to our recently thinned out rotation.
  6. I'd rather DD begin the season in AAA, playing 3rd exclusively to see if he can handle the position defensively. If so, maybe he's a stopgap until the next 3rd base prospect is ready (I'm holding out hope that Brian Anderson develops). At the very least, the flexibility could increase his trade value. Martin Prado is the stopgap until Anderson develops. He's a college product, shouldn't take too much longer than that if he's the real deal. Fair enough, but you never know what could happen over the next 2 years. Having DD ready to play 3rd if necessary would be a nice luxury to have. I'd still rather him be learning to play 3rd in AAA on an every day basis than sitting on the bench here. Why? He's useless in triple A and as of now we have very little power off the bench. And without him Solano is your utility infielder, and he's about as useless as a poopy flavored lolly pop. Dietrich is capable of playing all four infield positions and he would really be our 10th man; even if an OFer gets injured, you have Prado ready to move to the OF and Dietrich can step right in at third. If any of the IFers get hurt, Dietrich can be your Ed Lucas and step in temporarily anywhere. If we have any player on the bench accumulating 300+ ABs this year I really hope it's Dietrich. Dietrich being the starter in case of injury is why you should want him in AAA, so he's getting every day PA and time on defense. If he's on the bench, he's just getting a few PA a week. Not something that benefits the team much, and hinders him This is logical for sure. DD should be on the field as much as possible which means he should be in AAA getting reps. He would be our best fit for a 10th man that could possibly become a starter with development.
  7. Salty should get some of his mojo back. He is serviceable at best with last years numbers. I expect more.
  8. He also had a good sowing in the AFL if I'm not mistaken. It feels like the huge gap between the perception of Avery Romero and Justin Bohn isn't in line with reality Couldn't agree more. More versatile with the glove and better speed on the bases with just about the same numbers at the plate last year besides a lower BA but higher everything else. I guess draft results are playing a big part here.
  9. based on two months last year. Gordon's career outside of those are not pretty. You continue to ignore sample size and take statistical aberrations at face value, defying all common logicpos Is positive progression not important? Above average minor league numbers, two years figuring out the major league game while playing two positions, third year at 2b full time and an all-star appearance. Seems like a he's on the right track. Inexpensive and if he can figure out getting on base at a higher clip (which many players do) great upside for a second baseman.
  10. Maybe not but not making the top 20? Obviously should be top 20!!
  11. One very productive season when not injured. Will make a difference and is fairly cheap. I like this to an extent. WS experience is a plus and the guy may be able to display some power even in the big park. Wish we could have gotten a little more but we would have had to give up some prospects and spend a lot more. May be a steal if he stays healthy.
  12. If they are going to do something do it right. None of this maybe this guy will work crap.
  13. Decent player that has been injury plagued. Might be able to platoon at multiple positions. Not a bad.
  14. I thought this was already understood. Why else would the contract be so back end loaded? I understand to build a team now but there is always an ulterior motive.
  15. It's far to early to determine if trading PROSPECTS is a good deal or not. I agree that Gordon has an upside that can't be matched by anyone in the league if he can get on base at an above average clip. He also gets to a lot of balls that most others can't get to in the field. I'm o.k. with trading prospects for a high upside impact player that can contribute now. We gave up two average prospects and a possibly average Heaney (3rd in the rotation) for a once proven all-star with the possibility of many more. Remember this guy didn't start playing baseball till high school so he is still relatively new to the game. If Latos' arm is healthy and the reduced MPH over the last three seasons is not a negative sign of this then I'm o.k. with his trade also. If he sits in as a solid 2 he is exactly what we need. Wallach has a nice upside but is still at such a low level of baseball it is ridiculous to value his potential beyond decent prospect. When Fernandez is back we should all be excited about the Latos deal.
  16. I'm not in love but I don't completely hate it. For those that question the defense or say he is just average please look at his stats. Gordon is a career .981 fielder at 2B in MLB and has a ton of range which means he gets to balls most other don't. As far as his hitting his minor league numbers were about par with our current best hitting infield prospect but Dee has fantastic speed and knows how to use it. His major league numbers (minus the lack of walks) are better than we are giving him credit for. In just three limited seasons in MLB he has an avg. of .272, 43 doubles, 17 triples and (oh yeah 130 stolen bases). He swipes a bag about 33% of the time he is on base. Was also an All-Star in just his first full season. When he gets more plate discipline which will come this guy will be a terror at the top of the lineup. He may not have any power but with his speed in our ballpark I fully expect the doubles and triples to increase significantly. As far as what we gave up, I do agree it is a lot,,,,but it is all prospects and nothing proven. Kike was the only player somewhat proven and he profiles best as a utility player (as does Barnes) which in my book is a player not good enough to have a real position. Heaney has some upside but I honestly don't see him as more than a #3 even at his best. He has good command of his 3 pitches but is not overpowering and yes I realize he is young but maybe his MLB stats are a sign of the future. We are deep in pitching prospects. I would have like to see us get more as a secondary player with Gordon but I'm not ready to bash the guy like the rest of you. He looks to be an immediate impact player and has the tools to get much better.
  17. http://www.milb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20141203&content_id=102884220&fext=.jsp&vkey=news_milb&sid=milb A little offseason overview of our below average minor league system. - I really wish Barnes would get the opportunity Solano has repeatedly gotten. - I hope Anderson can stay at second, but if the power really comes, than by all means 3B isn't a bad place. - Big year for Justin Bohn coming up. In fact, hopefully Anderson, Romero or Bohn can emerge into a top 100 guy. Would mean a lot to have a legit prospect in the infield. - Not excited about Nicolino very much at all. Very average for sure. Sort of discouraging. I hope Anderson can stay at 2b also because it would be nice to have his power potential on that side and get a more of a prototypical 3b. Sounds like the front office is thinking he could work at both which is nice because it shows his athleticism. If Romero and Bohn can continue to hit they should be able to contribute in the future. Bohn actually seems more versatile with the glove and his batting stats besides B.A. are actually better than Romero's, but he didn't even make top 20. Also, he hit very well in the AFL so we may be excited next year. Next year will be a big test for Romero. Lopez had a great season but he is a bit old for the SAL. Hopefully we can develop the average system and pick up a few more pieces through the draft over the next year or two.
  18. Expensive acquisition for sure. I'm not opposed. I'm guessing he's around 12.5 per type at 33 and looking at his previous pay.
  19. The thing is, everyone hits in Greensboro, so nobody is jumping the gun on Wallach yet. The encouraging thing is he walked more than he struck out, and that's hard to do anywhere. Well put. Greensboro stats are always inflated and don't mean a whole lot. I also, like the Wallach's ability to get on base. Can't score runs if your not on base. Although, he did not hit well in the AFL so hopefully that is not a sign into the future.
  20. Why Solano got his shot and Barnes hasn't is odd. I'm cool with Barnes as a utility player as well, but man do I agree with you about why Solano got his shot and Barnes not. If you compare their minor league careers it is clear that Barnes is better stat wise.
  21. Will Barnes get a chance to get out from behind the plate and stay there? He seems to be as good of a middle infield prospect as any we have offensively and could possibly make sense as an infielder if he were able to concentrate on one position only. He doesn't seem like a proto catcher, rather his frame reminds me of an infielder. I understand he is average at best but his numbers look better than our other options. Minors career stat lines: A. Barnes - 4 seasons G PA AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI SB CS BB SO BA OBP SLG OPS 419 1855 1573 241 468 97 10 31 186 31 8 217 213 .298 .390 .431 .821 A. Romero - 3 seasons 223 946 851 106 251 56 1 11 110 14 10 64 120 .295 .353 .402 .755 I'm a fan of Barnes but a thing to remember about his number is that he's been, at best, "not old" for his league. You can't just compare Romero's line to Barnes because Romero is three years younger. Romero was in Jupiter this year, whereas Barnes was in the NYPL at the same age. Love the BB/K though and he's shown okay power to back it up. I really do like him. If we go in as is, I think he should be in the running for our starting 2B with Dietrich and Kike. I understand where you are coming from. I sort of feel if he progresses at the same rate he will be the same statistically as Barnes. Maybe he gains a little power, maybe he gets a little more discipline and boom we have the same statistics. I also think Barnes should be in the running for the middle infield spot this year. The poor guy just needs to stay at one position. I just can't imagine him as a major league catcher but could see him as a utility infielder.
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