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  1. If Senator Frist was here my night would be complete. It would be an honor to complete you, Mr. President. I wish you a merry 2006.
  2. I am running my own campaign in 2008, Bob, so I regretfully will be unable to participate in yours. I look forward to healthy competition.
  3. The only thing that matters is that he plays on God's team - the only true winning team. I echo these sentiments. It is fun to be a Presidential candidate. Preachers daughters love me.
  4. I plan to be finishing up my second term as President of the United States. 848219[/snapback] I would prefer Giuliani. But you will do. 848551[/snapback] And I would prefer that you focus more on God's work, such as outlawing abortion and gay marriage and inserting judges who agree with these positions, instead of reforming social security. But doing both will suffice.
  5. I plan to be finishing up my second term as President of the United States.
  6. You are certainly welcome, Mr. President. As to you, Mr. Rune, may God have mercy on your sinful soul.
  7. Mr. President, I would also like to wish you a Happy Birthday, and inform you that I look forward to taking over your position in 2008, God willing. Mr. Guliani, you have no chance. For the record, I am also straight, since we all know homosexuality is the Devil's work.
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