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  1. What is Chris Coghlan's new intro song? I noticed on Memorial Day he had changed it and I believe he has kept this new song
  2. What about Jason Giambi this offseason? He's likely not looking at getting a starting gig anywhere else after putting up a .725 line. Maybe someone like Pit picks him up and tries to "Hinske" him, but fact remains he aint getting much interest. But if you look at his season line. He still hit for power. He still walks an absolute ton. The problem is he finished the year with a .230 BABIP. You even that out to his career .300 rate, we're talking about a .249/.382/.430/.812, which isn't great but room to grow in SLG from moving from massive Oakland Coliseum to Landshawk (His ISO in Oakland was .171. In COL, it was .292). I don't think it's that far fetched to say he could possibly rise back up to the mid 800 OPS range, though certainly shouldn't be expected. And maybe that doesn't even out, maybe his talent has gotten horrible and he can't hit for any semblance of average anymore. He's also someone who can hit LHP, so it's not like we have to worry about a platoon situation, but it also gives us a situation of easing Gaby Sanchez into 1b, since Giambi certainly aint playing 162 games, and Sanchez can see a lot of LHP, which he mashes and could raise his confidence about hitting at this level. But the other big thing is: Let's say he busts again, or Gaby Sanchez breaks out, or Logan starts tearing it up. He has a career PH OPS of .302/.397/.540/.937 and was awesome this year for COL. Yeah, it's just 73 PA, and a lot of that came from when he was great. But we're still talking about a guy who's talent transition to a bench role, we're not talking about a Luis Gonzalez situation here. So worse comes worse we move him to the bench, where he could match Ross Gload's 700 OPS. And yeah there's the problem with his defense, but he's not TERRIBLE out there, he's just pretty god damn bad and better suited for DH. The million dollar question is of coarse how much does he cost. But he's not gonna make the 5m he had this past season. If we offer him something like, 1 mil with 2 mil in incentives, does he take that because we give him a place to start? At best we pay 3 mil for Giambi as a good starter. At worst we pay 1 mil for Giambi as a bench bat. I mean maybe we have to do something like 2 mil with 3 mil in incentives, and at which point it really starts becoming "so what's our payroll going to be", but real interesting to me. And there's also the glaring fact that we'd still have a hole at 3b while spending money elsewhere. I think this is an absolutely great idea haha
  3. can anyone tell me who's doing the booth for ESPN at the game?
  4. I recently got Hanley Ramirez (5/15) when I had field passes during BP. He signed this 16x20 for me right before heading into the dugout to get ready for the game that night vs the Dodgers. I would prefer to sell this, but would also trade if the offer is right. Please e-mail me any cash or trade offers at Yanks25@bellsouth.net Thanks for looking Ryan
  5. Hey Guys, I purchased in advance 1 Red Sox ticket for the 3rd base bleachers, it cost me $12 and $3.50 for the online fee, looking to sell it for $12. I cannot make it. If you are interested, please send me a PM, the buyer must pick the ticket up at my store tomorrow, Saturday, at Batters Box in Coral Springs (SE corner of Wiles Rd & University Dr). I will be there from 9 am-6 pm tomorrow. Thanks, Ryan
  6. 10 team yahoo league Winner gets $125 (had 4th pick) (PPR & Bonuses at 300/100/100) Going by my week 1 lineup QB- Kurt Warner WR- Andre Johnson WR- Torry Holt WR- Derrick Mason RB- Steven Jackson RB- Earnest Graham TE- Jason Witten K- Rob Bironas DEF- Patriots Bench QB- Jay Cutler RB- Michael Turner RB- Chris Perry WR- Javon Walker WR- Darrell Jackson TE- Tony Scheffler 10 team ESPN league (regular scoring, no PPR or bonuses) (had 1st pick) Going by week 1 lineup QB- Jay Cutler RB- LaDainian Tomlinson RB- Admin Johnson WR- Andre Johnson WR- Anquan Boldin WR- Joey Galloway TE- Heath Miller K- Adam Vinatieri DEF- Vikings Bench QB- Matt Schaub RB- Earnest Graham RB- Justin Fargas WR- Brandon Marshall WR- Michael Jenkins TE- Alge Crumpler DEF- Steelers K- Neil Rackers
  7. Still looking to trade/sell marlins signed memorabilia... Uggla, Hanley, Hermida, Willingham, Jacobs, etc
  8. I'm looking for a nice crisp/clear image of Hanley Ramirez that is large enough for a 16x20... I'd say it has to be atleast 1600x2400 but prefer it to be larger. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks
  9. I have 3 Hanley Ramirez sweetspot ROMLBs in blue bic crystal ballpoints for trade. One was obtained at the first Marlins/Orioles spring training game in Ft. Lauderdale, one obtained during Yankees/Marlins game at the end of March, and one obtained yesterday (6/10) vs the Phillies. Looking for signed 8x10s, signed romlbs, and new unsigned romlbs.
  10. I have been experiencing this problem for the last few weeks and I just ignore it but I would like to fix the issue... when I go to any team site such as Flamarlins.com or Yankees.com etc... it opens up and the webpage gets split between left and right alignment basically... so you have like the 5 images that cycle with the story that goes with the image... well that is all the way to the far right, but the news lists etc stay left aligned... by the way, it works fine in internet explorer but would prefer not to use IE.... can anyone help me? Thanks
  11. i'm interested.... have a scan of it?
  12. I didn't have much for Maybin during spring training so right now I only have him on an 8x10 in the minors and part of a team ball
  13. Added yet another Hanley signed 8x10 tonight (5/7) after BP
  14. just got hanley again tonight after BP on an 8x10
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