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  1. Like are we seriously going to keep making these stupid trades? It's not going to change as long as el cheapo is the owner, so just accept and bitch about it.
  2. Also wow i don't follow the astros or know what they are doing in-depth but those fans are absolutely pissed that they keep trading for more and more and more prospects in a never ending cycle. Might not have any pitching but that lineup is gonna be good in a few years. But we've been there before Really ? Seriously ? I have no idea why that would make a fan base upset, it's not like that ever happens here with the Marlins
  3. I feel like no matter what happens in any trade marlins fans are just waiting to say that the front office is horrible. Well results show that they're pretty bad
  4. Anything to Marlins? Bag O Peanuts? Money to Loria's pockets....
  5. Good Lord I meant bottom feeder as in a 100 loss team like last year. We're a game under .500, we're not total sellers no matter who the owner is. It doesn't matter Loria is not in the game to win, but to squeeze as much money as he can out for his art business. People here can argue against that til the cows come home, but until he shows proof otherwise, history is on my side.
  6. Ok and do u not care at all about how a clubhouse would react to almost a third of the team being shipped out at once? I mean I don't think we're a playoff team but we aren't a bottom feeding team like last season either . As long as Loria is the owner, we're a bottom-feeder. How long until it sinks in with you guys ? It's hilarious to watch some of you guys get excited about things that'll never come to fruition as long as Loria is in the picture.
  7. Unfortunately I agree. For whatever reason they're hellbent on not letting Dietrich play baseball here, so if we can get some value for him, that would be fine. Milone could hopefully improve a bit in the NL East and pitching in Marlins Park, but maybe that's wishful thinking. We all know what that reason is....it's like the 800 lb gorilla no one wants to acknowledge.
  8. Great. Replace garbage with garbage. And still have garbage starting at SS. Garbage everywhere. Well we have a garbage owner.....
  9. Have we dropped that far? Shit ... Don't fret, if we keep up this pace we'll get # 1. How lovely......
  10. But it begs the question, when will Loria finally put together a team that he doesn't have to be a seller at the deadline ? His failed ownership is once again the reason he's headed for his 4th straight 5th place finish. We've heard nothing but "they're loading up the farm" for 3 seasons now. For what ? And if you finish with that many last place finishes, when does it dawn on you that you and your front office just don't get how to run an MLB team ? Look at Oakland. Why is it Loria refuses to look at their system and steal one of their junior executives and model the team after them ?
  11. Loria is I'm sure ready to wheel & deal, to make sure we end up in last place again....keeps the payroll low.
  12. I've said it for years.....He wants to be a Dodger. And he'll do his his best to make that happen.
  13. Just a little quote from Stanton today about LeBron's return to Cleveland...... ""That's huge," Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton said. "Obviously, it's the biggest thing in sports, for a while. It takes a lot of guts to do that. I know he wanted to go home. It means a lot more to do that, and win in a place you grew up, rather than just one of the teams you ended up on." http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20140711&content_id=84221724&notebook_id=84224580&vkey=notebook_mia&c_id=mia
  14. Eh, curveball spouts the same crap over and over -- Loria is evil, the end. What else is new? The Marlins will listen to anyone, as will any MLB team. Listening to what are (99% of the time) insufficient offers means nothing. But, merely listening to an offer, according to curveball, means that because 1) we traded Cabrera when there was no possible way to keep him in the old football stadium, that therefore 2) we will trade Stanton when we are in a new stadium and have new revenues, not to mention 24-25 mill/yr of new national TV revenue, enough by itself to sign Stanton FOREVER if Lori
  15. I'm not sticking my head in the sand, I put up the actual quote sir. If anyone is sticking their head in the sand, it's you because you have an agenda and are ignoring what was actually said. I'm not saying Stanton won't be traded, in fact I would say odds are better that he is eventually but the simple FACT is that from the leaked documents -- the Marlins were saying they weren't shopping him aka the exact opposite of what you were saying. Oh I never said they are shopping him NOW, but they will. No way Loria is EVER paying a player $20+ million a year, even if it was the 2nd coming
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