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  1. I notice you have a bunch of Seattle Seahawk ones but no Steeler graphics. That needs to be changed.
  2. Why does Swift keep whining? WATCH AND ENJOY THE GAME
  3. NICE! This is a dream come true. Now get Taz back in the ring!
  4. I'm sorry, I don't understand the quote with the "-" in them.
  5. I wondered why his card was worth so damn much.
  6. Steelers had a damn good draft. Holmes, Omar Jacobs and Cedric Humes. I'm very satifisfied with our picks.
  7. Let's get one in german, hebrew, italian and polish too!
  8. JR Writer LMFAO. Just kidding, more like KILLA!! Laffy Taffy, Maffy Shaffy, Daffy :| Seriously, I love JR. Definetly one of my favorites out right now. Best of all-time? Probably Biggie. This poll needs done over, btw :|
  9. LOL you guys are so gay.
  10. Has anyone else got this album? Has a lot of songs I've heard already from Common, Black star, Mos, Big L, etc. but it's a must have for any hip hop head out there. It brings back a lot of memories listening to 1999 and definition (eventhough Re-Defintion is better, imo.) I hope vol. 2 puts the other songs on there that I miss listening to. I wish i would've kept my Soundbombing II CD!
  11. Why not just do it everyday since there's an 8:45 freeroll every single day. People post where they ended up and have like a weekly leader board and whatnot. Just an idea.
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