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  1. *GRAVE DIG* So here it is 1 year later. What do you guys think of the Marshall trade now? Also, hello again.
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    Maybe if the choice was Yadier Molina, I'd have selected him. Post fail. It's SUPPOSED to be Yadier, I'm just an idiot.
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    I don't suspect this will be very close but we may as well go in positional order - saving pitchers for last.
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    You are in charge of putting together the 2010 All-World Baseball team. Who gets your vote?
  5. I like the move... but I don't like the contract. I agree with this and see these as two different issues. In response to the OP, which is really about the pick up, the Dolphins made the right move. You guys haven't had a #1 receiver since [with all due respect to Chris Chambers] the "Marks Brothers." The only way this goes south is if he pulls a Ricky Williams or injures himself in a bar fight. Also, I brought up the Dolphins' last 10 2nd round picks specifically because that draft history is germane to this discussion. Like picking stocks, past performance does not guarantee future returns but damn if it isn't a good indicator. Historically speaking, two 2nd round Dolphins picks aren't worth a 1st round pick. They are pretty much worth a 3rd round pick. I wonder who the 5 best 2nd round picks in franchise history were??
  6. gtfo. seriously. there's the door. A little harsh but... uh... yeah... Brandon Marshall is easily one of the best receivers in the league right now. You are giving up two #2 picks for a young Pro-Bowler who has yet to peak. Let's put it this way; here are the Dolphins' last 10 2nd round picks - I will offer you THREE players for Marshall, which ones will you choose? 2009: Pat White 2008: Phillip Merling 2007: John Beck [now in Baltimore] 2006: to Minnesota [who picked Ryan Cook] 2005: Matt Roth [now in Cleveland] 2004: to Bungles [who picked Madieu Williams] 2003: Eddie Moore [not in football] 2002: to Eagles [who picked Sheldon Brown] 2001: Chris Chambers [now in KC - 1 Pro Bowl] 2000: Todd Wade [now in Jacksonville on his 4th team] 1999: James Johnson [not in football]
  7. When I was in Hawaii I had every beer offered by the Kona Brewing company and they were all mediocre to bad. One of my friends brought over a 6-pack Wailua Wheat Ale the other night and I forced myself to give it a try last night. It was surprisingly good and refreshing. There is a definite note of passion fruit that gives this beer a unique flavor compared to the other mass produced wheats on the market. It's worth a shot if you see it on the shelves of your local grocery store. Cheers!
  8. I had to go with Cubs/Cards. It's a rivalry steeped in tradition with fans that actually show up to the parks. My first thought was to go Giants/Dodgers but I can't get past the 4 inning fans.
  9. I have to agree that Obama's choice of Bud Light was wrong on so many levels. Skipping past the obvious HORRIBLE taste, Anheiser Busch was purchased by InBev, a FOREIGN company. What does it say when the President of the United States of America chooses a foreign beer over superior American products? For God's sake, the Dogfish Head Brewery [my favorite craft brewer in America] is like an hour drive from the White House! Shame on Obama. Boo. Hiss.
  10. In my frigde is a westvletern 12!!!! A friend of mine went to belgium and brought me back a bottle. I'm going to have it later tonight and I'll post a review. Over 3 months without a post? Unacceptable! I had to return just to restore some dignity to these forums and this thread! Dogfish Head Burton Baton Rating: 4/5 Aroma: 10/10 Appearance: 4/5 Flavor: 7/10 Palate: 3/5 Overall: 16/20 Bottle: Poured a reddish-tan with a finger tall head. Sweet smells of caramel and oak dominate the nose. If they ever make "man candles" I want mine to smell like this. First taste has a strong presence of alcohol with some of the caramel malt showing through. Oak is very present in the finish. This is a good beer but I agree with some of the others that this is more like a barley wine than an IPA as it doesn’t have that distinctive IPA hoppiness to it. Anyway - good beer. Gets a little hard to finish, but I’d get it again..
  11. Keuka Lake Brewing offered a 6 beer tasing for $2 and all were pretty good - right now it looks like their main point of distribution is through the brewery Yeah, this is a branch off from the Wagner Vineyard. You can order through their website, though: http://www.wagnervineyards.com/wag_order.t...iew&ct_id=9
  12. Of course, the reason they make organic wine is to avoid the tanins that cause headaches and hangovers. Beer is a slightly different animal in this regard. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I don't believe tannins are removed from organic wine. Tannins essentially comes from the skins, stems, and seeds of the grapes themselves and thus natural elements. As long as the grapes are grown without pesticides or other additives I believe they can be considered organic. I think you are confusing tannins with sulfites (but it is highly dubious that sulfites cause headaches and hangovers). Sulfites are a spontaneous product of fermentation (hence unavaidoble) but I would imagine that the artificial addition of more sulfites would be classified as being non-organic. Personally I'm not sure if one thing causing headaches. I decanted a wine for about 4-5 hours the other night and got mild headaches. Yeah - I meant sulfites. Thanks! Also, check this out I just found on wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_wine_headache
  13. So first of all, sorry I've been gone for so long. Life sometimes has it's own plans... Second, as I sit here enjoying my St Bernardus Abt 12, I have to thank TGF for giving this beer the props it deserves. It is a very good beer and I'm glad I bought. Third, let me brag a little bit about the fact that I have three bottles of Rochefort 10, three bottles of Rochefort 8, and three bottles of Rochefort 6 all sitting in my beer cooler. [brb - just finished another trappist of St Bernardus] Crap. This is my last pour of the bottle. 10.5% ABV sneaks up on you in a liter bottle! Anyway, if you want to see some of the beers I've been rating, feel free to check out my profile on ratebeer.com at: http://www.ratebeer.com/ViewUser.asp?UserID=51036 For those of you looking for a good pumpkin ale, I think Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale remains my favorite for the year.
  14. I'll fund you, you make "organic" beer, sell it the global warming crowd, we make millions. They do already have organic wine, I'm sure they have organic beer but if not.... Wolaver makes Organic beer. It is utter crap. Then again, it is also an Otter Creek product and Otter Creek is awfully low on the quality chart in my book so... If you can make a quality "organic" beer, hippys will love you for ever. Of course, the reason they make organic wine is to avoid the tanins that cause headaches and hangovers. Beer is a slightly different animal in this regard.
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