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  1. Have you ever been less excited for an opening day? I know the lineup isn’t set but Jesus Christ this looks awful. How many longtime fans are not exactly marking their calendars for that first game? We’ll see when the time comes, but I think this may be the first season since 2001 (I was 8) that I won’t follow too closely, but who knows, maybe il be surprised
  2. It hasn’t happened in a while. Some of us have bills to pay
  3. Will be very hard to continuing supporting this team through another rebuild. If the return on Stanton and Gordon is as awful as many of us suspect, there is no point in following the team and they are going to alienate the little fanbase that exists.
  4. Cashner fucking sucks... bad. We need to can him. Maybe whatever team takes him will also take Mike Dunn? Maybe for free? We are always plagued by injuries and I'm convinced its because our trainers encourage crossfit bullshit. You would think the front office people switched careers. Hechavaria does not seem to be improving. Maybe we can do something about him in the off season? That spot in the line up is an automatic out. Realmuto seems fantastic. He steadily improves offensively and I love his defense. I hope he's our catcher for a long time to come. Yelich is amazing. Prado has been absolutely stellar. Ozuna had a career year, but something tells me he's always gonna be inconsistent and have severe mental brain farts both offensively and defensively. Gordon didn't have much time to get locked in but I like him leading off and he can continue to improve Man mountain is cool but his average is getting worse and he can't seem to stay healthy for an entire season, which makes all that money pretty fucking useless.
  5. His offensive is awful. For being young, he's not really improving
  6. It's just a series. We got swept by the best team in baseball. The games weren't blow outs. We will have a day off and come back strong. No need to be a bunch of little pessimist girls
  7. We will kill it in Colorado.
  8. I wouldn't want him in if we were up 9-1
  9. I cringe every time I see Mike Dunn. He is terrible
  10. Why couldn't Dunn be traded? Good lord
  11. Rich rolling his R's to say Hechavarria drives me nuts. It sounds awful.
  12. I like the guy. Our season has been great so far and he is not the least of the reasons why.
  13. I was one of the few who was really stoked to acquire Dee Gordon. I never foresaw him having a career year but his speed and energy was an exciting addition. Now that he surpassed expectations to an unbelievable degree, what would you do with him? Do do you think he will continue to perform? It it has to be tempting to a large degree to trade him while his stock is this high. But who could we realistically get?
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