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  1. I feel like this is one of those games that if it happened to us, we'd say we gave that one away. I'll take the win regardless. Also, lol @ padres game management and the right fielder which fumbled every ball.
  2. If that wasn't a meatball, I don't know what is. Thanks.
  3. This is what happens when you have mediocre pitching. It's a long season, guys just get tired and lose their shit, specially with an overworked bullpen like ours. It's a trend with Ramos every year.
  4. No doubt. Social media apps are by nature very content heavy- constantly downloading images and videos. However, my point was that people are over exaggerating how much data this game uses. The game has a lot of flaws, this not being one of them.
  5. I'll start off by saying that as an iOS developer, I am not a big fan of how this game handles (data) persistency. I hate that every single action has to be made via network call (you can't even check your journal without checking the server first). Mobile dev 101, network calls are expensive. I believe this is the main reason why they are having so much server side issues. WITH THAT BEING SAID, checking the network logs on my phone, they have done a great job optimizing these over the network calls. Contrary to what people are saying, this game does not use that much data compared to other games/ social networking apps. Twitter, for example, has used 1.6GB of data on my phone, while pokemon go is at 200mb during the same period of time. I've also been playing PG a lot more than I have Twitter.
  6. I don't understand why he would even comment on this.
  7. And pass on a 50% off offer? No thanks.
  8. Anyone else starting to wish they didn't have that 5 run 50% off pizza promo... Get'n fat here...
  9. So what's the alternative? Charge $15 to download the game?
  10. What level you guys on? 18 here.
  11. This is what most microtransactions are nowadays. Clash of Clans perfected this back in the day, making 1.5M/day for a while. You can wait 6 days for a unit to update (no lie)... or you can pay $ .99 worth of arbitrary coins to update immediately.
  12. No that's not what I mean. In all the pokemon games, you have to battle a wild pokemon (with one of your pokemons) in order to weaken it and catch it. At least that's what I remember.
  13. It's really pretty basic/1 dimensional right now. Hopefully with future releases they'll improve on it. Also, I thought you were suppose to battle pokemon before you catch them... This might make the game less accessible to the casual audience though.
  14. Interesting, I have the opposite view. I can live with the lack of content (for now), but not the bugs/issues (full disclosure I'm an iOS developer). You can't get a fight in at the gym, for example. So infuriating. Great source of exercise for us, so we'll still be playing it though.
  15. Bugs and glitches in this game take away from such a cool concept. I'm rating this 1 star until Niantic gets their shit together. The marketed this like some huge thing. Development on the other hand, not so much.
  16. Do you guys know where you can redeem this? Can I just purchase it through marlins.com?
  17. I think the black kid in the middle is peeing? Or drowning... but that's doubly racist. Damn.
  18. I wouldn't know, I've never tried this. I'm guessing you know this from experience?
  19. HR against Marlins have been ridiculous. What's the differential, -30ish? Sure feels like it.
  20. Is he just happy to see me or is that an AR-15 in his...
  21. Yeah... I stopped reading anything he said after
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