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  1. That much is obvious. SP depth where its needed badly. Probably us over valuing two guys (Brice/Castillo) that aren't worth much in a half way decent farm system anyways. Granted Straily isn't going to be worth much either. Shrug
  2. Would AJ get a better return at the deadline. Competing isn't likely this year. Assuming Ramos has good first half I feel teams would be willing to give up more.
  3. In Delaware for work so made the couple hour drive to DC for the game last night. Rain sucked. But National fans were all fantastic. Can't tell you the amount of totally random conversations with Nats fans saying how much they loved Jose/people just coming up to me or any of the other marlin fans walking around. He was truly a fan favorite for everyone. Not just Marlin fans.
  4. Yeah. Mostly this. Not surprising. It's easy to forget he was a rich 24 year old in Miami.... Just terrible though. At end of the day its still horribly tragic. Doesn't take away from his incredible story. The elite athlete. And amazing on field persona.
  5. Of all the things the dumb things the Marlins have done drawing the line at Alex Rodriguez is interesting.
  6. I think moreso than anything it shows just how bad this system is. We are way over reacting to how bad the trade is. Naylor barely cracks the top 100 overall. Just because he's the #2 in our system doesn't mean much. Cosart is worthless. And Capps is probably 60 pitches after he comes back some time NEXT YEAR from another arm injury. At least they tried to fill a hole. Not much they could do with the minimal trading pieces they have.
  7. If there was demand for it, local media would cover it. As we all know the Marlins have a TERRIBLE PR problem. And it's all the organization's fault/well deserved. Not the media. Ethan Skolnick mentioned this the other day (See below). You can't expect media to just cover the team when access sucks. The organization is terrible. And it's a shame because there's some great personalities and storylines with this team right now. But I'm not sure it's fair to blame the local media. The only thing that will solve it is winning. And sustained success. @Lauzin they promised us Dee Gordon in spring training. blocked off the time. he never showed. and no one called to cancel. bush league. View conversation 4 retweets6 likes Reply Retweet 4 Like 6 More In reply to DutchBeek Ethan J. Skolnick ‏@EthanJSkolnick May 30 @DutchBeek @Lauzin we have gotten one marlins player this season. we had to do it through a charity organization, not team.
  8. Shrug. Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things whether he starts Game 1 or 2? Just want him to still be around come game 162.
  9. Yeah I figured thats the way it will be (and should be)
  10. This is pretty awesome. I wonder if tickets will be open to the public or military.
  11. I'm cool with not giving a 33 year old pitcher $80 million. Although it would have been a perfect fit this year. NL East being so terrible would have been nice to take full advantage. Basically it's survival/stay in contention until Jose comes back and hope he's the same pitcher he was.
  12. If "casuals" are going to games for players we have a problem. Casuals will go to games when the team wins. And the team sucked as is. Hanley being a big reason why. Something had to be done. The return isn't great, but if money saved is invested in team then I'm good with it. Basically in two trades got players to replace Anibal, Nolasco who could produce similar numbers for fraction of the cost. (I'm kind of assuming Nolasco is a goner too)
  13. There were some pretty good maps in Sunday's PBP on parking and getting to and from the park. I am seriously considering parking at the Civic Center and taking the trolley right now. I guess my fear for this one is that after the game it will be a cluster. It probably will be anyways but trying to catch a trolley post game just sounds awful. I think I'm going to go for something within walking distance and just get there ridiculously early.
  14. Looks so amazing. Bought my tickets and flight for Opening Day. Can't wait.
  15. That was an insane finish. Very exiting and scary. I walked down there after the race was over. That fence was f*cked up. Very lucky that car hit the safer barrier before going into the fence otherwise I think the car ends up in the grandstands. Carl really is the man though for running Talladega Nights style across the finish line.
  16. Well usually drink Natty and Busch just because I'm poor and cheap beer usually gets the trick done. Anyways Miller Light probably my favorite beer. Wow I suck at life. I hate Miller Lite. Busch is still I'm drinking to get smashed good. Bud is alright. Yuengling is probably my favorite just sit down and have a beer.
  17. He's already been burned on 3 or 4 plays in the first quarter here...
  18. Framed Marino HOF Sports Illustrated Some movies. Money from extended family. Fun stuff
  19. f***ing idiot If guilty I hope he spends a long time in jail.
  20. Uptown Charlotte. Spending waaaaay too much money.
  21. I grew up Catholic. Went to church twice a week. Went to catholic school. Worked at my church for 3 years, but over the past two years I've found my belief in God fading very quickly and I don't go to church anymroe. So I'm not really sure what category I'd fall into right now. Agnostic I guess.
  22. You just destroyed everything I live for.
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