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  1. chilling seeing Eddie and Benoit together at the end there
  2. Agreed. That's what he had to do. So sad.
  3. Mid Atlantic, but may be changing to LA in the next month or two
  4. really anyone under 40 you fear suicide or homicide (although homicide is not the case here). I hope it was not suicide of course and RIP to Beck and his family and all of Baseball. I hope we find the cause out soon, though. Not to speculate, but I think I remember that he had drug problems later in his career...
  5. Alright I'm leaving for Greensboro now. Going to kidnap Coghlan and drop him off in Jupiter. He should be good to go by tomorrow's game.
  6. Awesome...some fast paced action in the second half
  7. Welp there's two Got a run though...only 15 pitches though
  8. Probably a good decision to wear the black unis on a Sunday afternoon...don't really understand that oh well hit Johan earlier and often please
  9. *sigh* let's just knock him out in the 4th
  10. Flamarlins3 has reached Maddul status in terms of his avatar. Changing it at this point would cause massive meltdowns worldwide. :lol I changed it once for that Save the Marlins bs a year or two ago, but everything felt wrong so back it went...
  11. Here's my parents' dog. Annoying little thing: And there's the two cats
  12. Miami @ Washington Miami @ Philadelphia Whatever the hell the Elon homecoming game is... Guess it really depends where I'm living, but I'm definitely going to those 3.
  13. hmmm i should change my name...been the same for 3 years...
  14. This team seems to put up it's worst games of the year on these days when they have lots of potential fans in the crowd. There's still lots of innings left I guess. I was thinking the EXACT same thing. I wish I knew how many times we've gotten dusted on Saturday nights at home. 4/7 vs Phillies W 8-5 4/21 vs Wash W 9-3 5/5 vs SD L 6-7 5/26 vs Mets L 2-7 6/9 vs TB 2-7 So 3 game losing streak right now :confused
  15. Minervini's prayers have been answered..."please be 18. Please be 18. Please be 18. Jackpot"
  16. Flamarlins3


    Chris Cooper is my hero...like y'all said he nailed the role. Good movie. Definitely would recommend
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