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  1. wow Wayne is such a jerk..but I guess he can do whatever the hell he wants to which really sucks. See he said only reason Wanstead was not fired was because mare missed the field goals.
  2. The season is getting closer, and im getting more and more pumped. Good to see the starters hitting their strides at the right time.
  3. I only have Jack Mckeon's and that was cause he came to Elon and was a guest speaker shortly after the world series since he did graduate from here...Ill be making a trip down to Florida for the WHite Sox series later this year...hopefully can get some there
  4. Millar definitely is the man...funny guy
  5. Hit - Castillo Double - Cabs Triple - JP HR - Castro RBI - Lowell Run Scored - Castillo Stolen Base - JP Caught Stealing - Castillo Error - Hee Sop Win - Beckett 0
  6. Im glad to see he pitched well in spring training, but now it is time for him to turn it up another notch and keep it going through the regular season. Penny really needs to step up this year. I really think that he will build on those two World Series wins. I know it was only two games but mentally it had to have been huge for his confidence which is something that every pitcher needs to be successful.
  7. Dontrelle's is real good...still have Agon's slide in Game 6 as my wallpaper right now...waiting for another great moment to put up a different picture
  8. I would be all for it fox, benitez, and urbina isnt too bad for a 1 2 3 punch better than loop fox n urbina
  9. It is very disappointing to see...maybe somehow baseball can be saved in Miami, but they may jus have to start looking elsewhere cause Loria sure as hell isnt gonna stand for losing money non stop for the more than four years. We will see I guess, maybe time to looka t something in broward or Palm
  10. Not too bad so far...I read somewhere that this game was supposed to be nonstop offense.
  11. yeah greedyness is bad, but hey if it makes the team some money then I'm all for it...bad to say but it is true
  12. Not good for them, good for us, lets hope we can avoid the injury bug
  13. Wow...that is a rather dumb mistake. I mean seriously how do you miss that one. I can't believe that actually got published. OOPS. I guess baseball isn't his fav sport? Ah hes from philly anyway...
  14. I liked the FUture is now...should be the "Future is now....again" tho since did win it all last year.
  15. Strange how they can't find anything, and its still hurting. I don't know how much sitting out will help, but gotta hope he will be ok. At least this is the worst injury so far this spring (knock on wood). Noone is out for an extended period yet which is always a plus.
  16. Yeah, I'm always interested in some marlins memorabilia. SHould post it on here first so we can check the stuff out
  17. So funny how everyone discounts the marlins. It is kind of sad if that writer actually believes that. I felt like I was reading an article about a huge hometown fan that is less than 15 years old.
  18. At least Beckett settled down after his early struggles. Can't give those free passes because they will always come back to bite you. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few more cuts today or over the weekend.
  19. I was kind of surprised that ESPN wasn't going to televise Ring game or the banner raising game. I would have thought they would do one of them.
  20. I said good. I think a change in scenary will be a great help for him because the pressure will be off a little bit compared to Chicago. There was a good article in the Miami Herald I think it was talking about how he is enjoying playing here much more, and the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed. I think that should help him to develop
  21. That was a great read...That guy has always been one of my favorite players. I hope he continues to play well in Col unless he is paying the marlins
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