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  1. Arizona at St. Louis 1:00 pm Atlanta at Tennessee 1:00 pm Carolina at New Orleans 1:00 pm Cleveland at New England 1:00 pm Detroit at Washington 1:00 pm Jacksonville at Kansas City 1:00 pm Miami at Houston 1:00 pm N.Y. Jets at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm Seattle at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm Tampa Bay at Indianapolis 4:05 pm Baltimore at San Francisco 4:15 pm San Diego at Denver 4:15 pm Chicago at Green Bay 8:15 pm Monday, Oct. 8 Dallas at Buffalo 8:30 pm 11-3
  2. Ohio State @ Purdue Wisconsin @ Illinois Oklahoma vs. Texas Virginia Tech @ Clemson Vanderbilt @ Auburn Cincinnati @ Rutgers Nebraska @ Missouri Georgia @ Tennessee Kansas @ Kansas State Game Of The Week: Florida @ LSU
  3. Headin north for the Elon vs App State game on Saturday. Two straight losses for App? Going to be biggest crowd in Elon history. Place will be rocking. (for our standards at least) Our passing offense is ridiculous. Should be a pretty good game I think. Woo! Let's go Elon
  4. Florida State v. Alabama Auburn @ Florida Michigan State @ Wisconsin Maryland @ Rutgers Penn State @ Illinois Kansas State @ Texas Clemson @ Georgia Tech USC @ Washington West Virginia @ South Florida (Friday Kick-off) Game Of The Week: Cal @ Oregon
  5. Arizona at Baltimore 1:00 pm Buffalo at New England 1:00 pm Detroit at Philadelphia 1:00 pm Indianapolis at Houston 1:00 pm Miami at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm Minnesota at Kansas City 1:00 pm San Diego at Green Bay 1:00 pm San Francisco at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm St. Louis at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm Cincinnati at Seattle 4:05 pm Cleveland at Oakland 4:05 pm Jacksonville at Denver 4:05 pm Carolina at Atlanta 4:15 pm N.Y. Giants at Washington 4:15 pm Dallas at Chicago 8:15 pm Monday, Sep. 24 Tennessee at New Orleans 8:30 pm 8-8
  6. Penn State @ Michigan Georgia @ Alabama Kentucky @ Arkansas Washington @ UCLA Connecticut @ Pittsburgh Washington State @ USC Illinois @ Indiana Oregon State @ Arizona State Clemson @ NC State Game Of The Week: South Carolina @ LSU
  7. Ohio State @ Washington Arkansas @ Alabama Louisville @ Kentucky Tennessee @ Florida Boston College @ Georgia Tech Florida State @ Colorado Pittsburgh @ Michigan State Notre Dame @ Michigan Fresno State @ Oregon Game Of The Week: Southern Cal @ Nebraska
  8. Atlanta at Jacksonville 1:00 pm Buffalo at Pittsburgh 1:00 pm Cincinnati at Cleveland 1:00 pm Green Bay at N.Y. Giants 1:00 pm Houston at Carolina 1:00 pm Indianapolis at Tennessee 1:00 pm New Orleans at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm San Francisco at St. Louis 1:00 pm Dallas at Miami 4:05 pm Minnesota at Detroit 4:05 pm Seattle at Arizona 4:05 pm Kansas City at Chicago 4:15 pm N.Y. Jets at Baltimore 4:15 pm Oakland at Denver 4:15 pm San Diego at New England 8:15 pm Philly 9-7
  9. Miami @ Oklahoma TCU @ Texas Colorado @ Arizona State South Florida @ Auburn Oregon @ Michigan Notre Dame @ Penn State BYU @ UCLA Boise State @ Washington South Carolina @ Georgia Game Of The Week: Virginia Tech @ LSU
  10. This has been some fantastic tennis so far... BTW Andre Agassi=god....i love this guy. think he is doing a great job announcing
  11. f*** Federer takes set 1 he's a robot
  12. Roddick +800... Meh who am I kidding Federer is gonna kill him as always *sigh* I'm a sucker Sucks Nadal got eliminated. Davydenko has arguably been the best player in this tourney so far. Hasn't lost a set. Granted he hasn't really faced that great of an opponent, but he has still been very impressive.
  13. Thursday, Sep. 6 New Orleans at Indianapolis 8:30 pm Sunday, Sep. 9 Atlanta at Minnesota 1:00 pm Carolina at St. Louis 1:00 pm Denver at Buffalo 1:00 pm Kansas City at Houston 1:00 pm Miami at Washington 1:00 pm New England at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm Philadelphia at Green Bay 1:00 pm Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1:00 pm Tennessee at Jacksonville 1:00 pm Chicago at San Diego 4:15 pm Detroit at Oakland 4:15 pm Tampa Bay at Seattle 4:15 pm N.Y. Giants at Dallas 8:15 pm Monday, Sep. 10 Baltimore at Cincinnati 7:00 pm Arizona at San Francisco 10:15 pm I just picked way too many away teams 11-5
  14. Roddick +800... Meh who am I kidding Federer is gonna kill him as always
  15. Flamarlins3

    NFL Week 1

    Pick the Dolphins 1. Redskins have no pass rush to speak of, and they did nothing to improve themselves on the defensive line. You give Trent Green time, he can beat you. He's a veteran who won't make that many mistakes. While they did improve at the linebacker/corner/safety positions, the upgrades were all minimal. No matter how you look at it, this was one of the worst defenses statistically last year. And the improvements have been minimal. As bad as the Dolphins offense probably will be, I think that we will see how much this team will benefit from a second year of Hudson Hueck at offensive line coach and a real coach calling the plays. Plus going up against at best a league average defense will help. 2. Dolphins 4th ranked defense from a season ago improved with the addition of Joey Porter. Matt Roth is going to thrive this year because the focus will be completely on Jason/Porter. The likely pressure Campbell is going to face will force a few turnovers from the young quarterback who really hasn't showed much. Not to mention there are no big threat receivers beside Moss (who was mediocre last year anyways). 3. Chris Samuels will probably false start 7 times. (haha sorry just think this guy is incredibly overrated by Redskin fans) Reasons to sick the Redskins 1. I'm a homer that fully expects the phins to win 8 or 9 this year and I despise the Redskins. *And yes I realize this is probably going to be quoted by Dodge and any other Phins haters when they lose 35-3
  16. Flamarlins3

    NFL Week 1

    Pretty pumped for this weekend. Does anyone have that site that had a map of what games would be shown where?
  17. Hot damn. I'm not sure I had a perfect week all of last year.
  18. I don't even think that would be a big obstacle because at this point if Loria isn't cooperating fully to get this thing done, then baseball would step in. (I'd hope) I don't have any other suggestions to what it could be though. As long as it isn't the damn retractable roof I'm ok. They probably want to build a dome or something stupid like that.
  19. Roddick advance 7-6 2-0 ret. Berdych looked completely defeated from the second he came out. I guess he was sick or something. No excuses for Roddick not to beat Federer. His serve has looked great this tourney and while the errors are still there he will have a night crowd (I assume it'll be a night match) behind him which is always huge. Blake's turn to kick some ass Blake takes set 1. Probably the best set I've seen from him this tourney. No breaks. And fabulous at the net Annnnd I jinxed him. Down 5-2 in the second. Nice work Dan. Bah. Blake is so damn inconsistent. Loses in 5th set tie break after having 3 match points earlier. Oh well. Up to Roddick now.
  20. The blackout thing pisses me off. Especially in NC. We are blacked out of Nationals games. (Maybe Orioles, not sure). And there is absolutely no way to see these games. MASN isn't carried by Time Warner and can't watch via mlb.tv because of the restrictions. Back when Bonds was nearing the record, the game would be blacked out on ESPN even though there was no other way of watching it otherwise. Granted there's a movement to get MASN carried there, but still. I'm sure there are cases of this all over.
  21. I'm still technically in the Yankees market though so I'm afraid of getting blacked out. I know the Yankees have a special TV agreement with MLB so I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger. Can anyone shed some light on this? Will I get blacked out since I'm still in the Yankees broadcast area? Remember, I don't get YES. I dont want to pay 20 dollars and then find out that I'm not even going to get to see the games. http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/subscriptions/mlbtv.jsp And put in your zip code and see if you're blacked out
  22. haha ya...I didn't watch the match because I was at my sister's play, but looks like I'm glad I missed it. And ya Elon. Been my avatar since I joined 3.5 years ago lol. Changed it maybe once for a couple days. Y'all shoulda destroyed us the other night, but from what I hear SoFla ran a very vanilla offense to not show Auburn anything. Very happy with the way our freshman QB and D played. Kind of a side note, but if John McEnroe mentions one more time how he doesn't like it when players look at their coaches before determining whether to challenge I'm going to go insane. We know. You don't like it. Don't talk about it for 15 minutes every freaking time there is a challenge.
  23. I'm going to put a small bet on Del Porto tonight (+350)...with the way he's been playing I really think he can give Djokovic a run for his money especially after Djokovic was on the court for nearly 5 hours the other day. With those odds, I don't think you can go wrong. Did the same thing here. He played lights out against Melzer and Mahut, who aren't champs, but at the same time aren't complete nobodies. Whoooops haha. He got crushed. Oh well. Roddick startin up in about 30 minutes and then Blake to follow. Good stuff. Both with pretty tough, but winable matches
  24. Buddy of mine that was at the game said it was pretty insane to see live. He has a few pics...I'll see if I can get em from him. I have a few cell phone pics but quality isn't that great. Gotta love this happening on dollar beer night too. Fans had to be going crazy.
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