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  1. Washington State @ Wisconsin East Carolina @ Virginia Tech Oklahoma State @ Georgia UCLA @ Stanford Kansas State @ Auburn Arizona @ BYU Wake Forest @ Boston College Iowa @ Northern Illinois Florida State @ Clemson Game Of The Week: Tennessee @ California
  2. Selig being down here is pretty big imo I just hope this press conference doesn't bring a threat to move with it...
  3. hahahahahha she's going to App state awesome
  4. unbelievable...I can't even comprehend what the f*** is going through that girls mind how long until she gets her own reality show about how dumb she is?
  5. Elon at South Florida this weekend Keep it within 60 please.... Probably going to be a loooong year
  6. When I first saw the thread title out of the corner of my eye though it said "Bob Wickman DEAd" But ya was a little surprised at the move, but its not like he's been lights out
  7. Honda Civic! I love my 2007 its been worth every penny. Agreed...I have an '05 and it has been amazing. Got it for a pretty damn good price too.
  8. can I fast forward to next April?
  9. Nice...saw him pitch earlier in the year...liked his stuff. Got a bunch of people to swing and miss (somewhere round 6 or 7 Ks) + a bunch of ground balls in the game I went to. He kind of came out of no where. hadn't even heard of him before this year.
  10. Saw The Weatherman...was a lot better than I thought it would be. Not great by any standards, but Nic Cage actually did a fairly good job in it. I was surprised, but that's probably just because I really really don't like Nic Cage. 6/10 The Pilot's Wife...Pretty meh movie. The lead actress did a decent job, but the plot was idiotic along with the way they did the flashbacks were completely out of place. Thank god it was a short movie. I felt like I was watching a Lifetime movie. 3/10
  11. Fantastic movie...by far my favorite of the three
  12. Flamarlins3


    Probably one of the top 3 funniest movies I've ever seen
  13. Saw him pitch a couple times last year in Gboro...this is what I said at the time: Barone went 8 2/3 giving up one run on two hits(I think). He struck out somewhere around 9. He had a perfect game through 7 and a 1/3 then walked a batter and gave a double. His fastball is 87-90 mph with a bunch of movement on it. His offspeed stuff is pretty nasty. He completely embarrassed some of those hitters and I mean they looked like high schoolers facing a major leaguer. It was that bad. The Intimidaters are pretty bad anyways. http://www.marlinbaseball.com/forums/index...1&hl=barone I liked his stuff and he looked great, but it was against the low A crowd. Pitched well at all levels. Best of luck to him...
  14. I went ahead and created a league at http://fantasy.premierleague.com: 640560-144108 is the code to join
  15. I play fantasy football at http://fantasy.premierleague.com Anyone else be interested in doing a mb.com one?
  16. Seen a bunch in the past week: Transformers: 8.5/10...outside of the stupid love crap with Shia and the hot girl it was awesome Harry Potter: 7.5/10 Good stuff. Probably the best of the movies so far. I can't wait for 6 and 7. Simpsons: 5/10 I was pretty disappointed. Was just a long episode for me. I dunno. There weren't very many moments where I Lol'd which was disappointing. Babel: 6/10 I don't think I was in the right mood to watch this movie. I was already pissed off/not feeling that great and this didn't help at all. It just didn't do it for me. For all the praise it got, it just didn't live up to my expectations. Flags of our Fathers: 6/10 Not the typical war movie which kind of surprised me. I didn't know anything about the story. Pretty sad/depressing. The flashbacks weren't very well done and the actual war scenes could have much better.
  17. I haven't drank in a good while...this is weird
  18. Tottenham>all I've just been getting into soccer the past few years and chose Tottenham as my team to follow. Maybe this year will be the year they can break into the top 4. :thumbup I love the strikers on this team: Berbetov/Bent/Defoe/Keane. A lot of goals will be scored. Be interesting who gets paired up with each other. I see no reason to go away from the Berbetov/Keane grouping for now at least, but then again Bent has had a pretty damn good preseason and they did pay the big bucks to bring him in.
  19. Flamarlins3


    Even still how Zach isn't on this list is bizarre to me... Another point. How you can say that Vinatieri isn't a HOFer is beyond me. Even if no 'pure kicker' has ever gone in, he was one of the few no doubters on this list in my mind.
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