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    Saw IV

    Tried doing a search for this but I couldn't find it so sorry if it's already posted. In Theaters: October 26, 2007 Starring: Tobin Bell Shawnee Smith Angus Macfadyen Lyriq Bent Scott Patterson Costas Mandylor Athena Karkanis Mike Realba Director: Darren Lynn Bousman Movie poster is out: http://videoeta.com/news/2323 Pretty cool poster I think. Not that there needs to be another Saw just because I didn't paticularly enjoy the last two, but whatever. Saw V is already in the works apparently too
  2. Haha awesome And I think anyone who has ever drank alcohol in a social setting has hooked up with someone that they regretted. Buffalo rule sucks. I'll never drink with my right hand again. Our high school parties would ALWAYS get busted. People in my county have nothing better to do. I live/lived in the middle of no where so thats all cops had to do. Word spread about those things pretty quickly. They were pretty good about it though. They'd never actually do anything except say 'make sure everyone stays the night'. Unless they found marijuana or other drugs, then there'd be trouble.
  3. Haha...I have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many stories. This should be a good thread. I'm actually gonna start with a story of one of my friends. Freshman year. Yanks vs Boston in the ALCS. There were about 10 of us crowded in a small dorm room watching Game 7. There were a couple Yankee fans and a couple Boston fans. One of the Boston fans was the most obnoxious fan I've ever met. He absolutely loved everything to do with the Sox, but he was cocky as hell about it and it drove all of us nuts. The entire game he is talking trash especially as they are winning. Oh and obviously we are drinking as all of this is going on. So we get to extras and Boone hits the walk off homerun. To which he says nothing and immediately walks outside. (Our dorm rooms werent in a typical building. All of our doors led to the otuside). Anyways we don't see him the rest of the night. When we finally find him the next day it turns out he got arrested. He had gone over to campus security and pulled the bushes in front of the building out of the ground and throws them all over the parking lot. An then obviously was busted by the cops. He had done something else but I don't remember what that was.
  4. Premonition Wow. This movie just made me angry. Thank God it was only 90 minutes or I don't think I would have made it very far. Stupid premise. Although there is one good unintentional lol moment as the daughter » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « runs through a glass door. Nothing in this movie worked imo. Probably one of the worst I've seen in a good while. 2/10 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Totally bizarre movie. I've been told by a bunch of people that the book is waaaaaaaay better. Every scene in the movie was crazy right from the open when they were travelling to Vegas. I feel like this may have just been a good book that just doesn't translate well to the theatres. 4/10
  5. Black and white one is awesome
  6. Planning wasn't hard at all. We literally probably sat down for like 3 hours and looked at the schedule. We had decided on the stadiums and everything and then just tried to make it work. We actually had two dates worked out. The one we ultimately went on and one at the end of June, but we decided on the July date. The hardest was with the two Chicagos. We had wanted to add Toronto but it just didn't work out. Only thing we regret was that I wish we had just decided to go to Kansas City. It really isn't that far. There's actually an ESPN page that really helped with the trip schedule wise. I'll find a link later. It's called like ESPN the trip or something like that. We had two days off which was nice because 13 straight games can be tiring. And thats just the way the schedule worked out. Plus we had wanted to get the Rock and Roll HOF. My friends went but I had to fly home. The other day worked out well because we got a chance to party with one of my best friends in CT. Definitely start planning when the schedule comes out. Probably can get cheaper tickets that way. We are already talking about going on a West Coast one next year, but we'll see.
  7. Well. Got back a few days ago. Finally caught up with everything around here and got the pictures up. Took around 1,000 pictures. (Sue me, was in super tourist mode) Boston was the best city. Yankee Stadium had the best atmosphere. Comerica and Busch were my favorite new stadiums with Philly a close third. Wrigley and Miller Park were the most disappointing for me. Although Brewers fans sure do love to tailgate. All in all an amazing time. Cost around $1,000 if you include food/alcohol. Well actually around 1400 if you add in my flight home in the middle of the trip. Saw an awesome police chase in Cincy. If you ever can I definitely suggest going on a trip like this. Here are pics if anyone is interested: Shea Philly Fenway NYC Yankee Stadium Pirates Stadium Jacobs Field Tigers Brewers vs Bonds Chicago Wrigley The Cell Busch Cincy The Arch
  8. Great trade for Texas...if Atlanta can re-sign Teixeira then its a good deal for them too I think...
  9. Ya this movie didn't do much for me...although the only time I saw it, it was 8am and I was hungover so that may have played a strong part :|
  10. Flamarlins3

    Volstad to AA

    Not a bad debut at all.
  11. 25 points!!! Dumbest Nascar ruling ever... Anyways, congrats to Tony.
  12. ESPN has done a decent job with the broadcast, but I cannot stand Rusty as an announcer. Damn that was a hard hit
  13. he'll probably find a way to screw it up... The amount of open seats has to be worrying Nascar...(There are like over 200,000 here, but it does seem like a lot of empty seats)
  14. Denny is the man...I've started to like him as well Gordon going for his 5th in 14 years or something ridiculous like that.
  15. Definitely makes a lot of sense for both teams especially if they can reel in Newman or Busch. The big team thing does kind of worry me in Nascar. I guess its ok. I dunno. Every big team is going to have 4 cars in one or two years. Kind of kills the underdog thing. But then again when's the last time a true underdog (single car team) really won?
  16. Slightly off topic. I couldn't buy beer from the stands at Wrigley even though I'm 22 years old. If your ID says "Under 21 until so and so date" then they are not allowed to sell it to you. One of my friends who is 23 had the same on his. Absolutely ridiculous. Granted the vendors sold it to me, but still a pain in the ass. /rant And as for fakes. I've seen alotta New Jerseys as the go to one. Virginia is nearly impossible. Damn hologram bs plus now they scan em sometimes at gas stations.
  17. Wow...what an awesome book. Just finished. Quickest I've ever read a book I think. Everything about it. I've never truly been on the edge of my seat while reading a book, but every big battle scene was incredible. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « I agree the Dobby death was probably the one I felt 'saddest' about. Rowling did such a great job of including every possible character from the previous 6 into the book from Dobby to the Spiders to Percy. This is going to make for one hell of a movie though. This woman is a genius. Plain and simple. These books appeal to SO many people. I was in CHicago the first weekend it came out. Riding around on the Metra/CTA (their public transportation) and it was amazing to sit there and watch the amount of people and the different age groups that were reading it. In one train car I saw a 20ish year old girl and guy each reading the book. An older woman and a young boy. And that was in one little train car. Truly amazes me.
  18. haha this thread made my day... But ya I'm in if we are still doin em...danmott3
  19. Well I went ahead and got something...and yes for July. Thanks anyways guys...
  20. I know some of you are better at this than I am. I've found a few, but just trying to see if I can find something else. Cleveland to Dulles or Washington National on Wed 18 after 5pm or Thurs 19 anytime (preferably before 12). And then National or Dulles to Detroit on Fri 20 after 12pm. I could really use some help.
  21. That's the plan and uuuhhh we are in discussions to add one more stop on the trip...Brickyard 400. Granted it would add 4 days to the trip, but to see Indy. Wow... Funny how this trip came about though. Was talking with my roommate back in March about how I wanted to go to Yankee Stadium before the new stadium was built. And so we decided to make a Northeast trip and it just kept getting bigger and bigger. It really isn't costing that much as the only place we are staying in a hotel is St Louis. We know people in each of the other cities. Plus for a few of the cities (Philly/Pitt/Clev) we knew people with season tickets that were willing to give them to us for a game. We figured we would do this now as we both have the time. I'm going to be starting a real world job soon and he's starting law school in a month so this was probably our last opportunity to do a trip on this scale. Plus to be in attendance for the Phillies 10,000 loss? Priceless...I'm going to be cheering like no other for St Louis on Fri. By the way thanks Max for the site. I love it already.
  22. Here's the thing. Ichiro isn't your everyday top of the lineup/singles hitter. Ichiro is probably one of baseballs most marketable players. The amount of money he brings to this team justifies that kind of contract. Other players similar to him may look at this deal and try to compare, but there's no way they can.
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