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  1. http://www.tankathon.com/mlb This is your friend.
  2. 2019 Draft BOARD (fangraphs) https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2019-mlb-draft?type=0&pos=all&team=all
  3. Tristan Pompey another solid prospect with good peripherals..
  4. Realmuto is atop the NL in fWAR along with Freeman
  5. Marlins 2nd worst MLB record, worst run differential.
  6. Damn why the Reds keep losing?
  7. Austin Dean is another one that is intriguing. He might have the best eye in the farm.
  8. Joe Dunand and Bobby Witt Jr next year (Generational SS)
  9. At least we have Anderson and Dunand.
  10. hoping 2019 #1 is a projected generational talent...
  11. Hope Anderson keeps up his peripherals from ST.
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