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  1. Extremely overpay is what anyone ever says about trading anyone. What team has ever made a trade and said "we think we've really stayed the same with this move." Extremely overpaying for Jose is offering what he is worth. He is a phenom with 3 years before free agency, why wouldn't they ask for a shit ton? Please let me know when you hear of reports of the Nats exchanging names in offers for Harper or the Orioles with Machado. Please do. And considering you're a grown up running an online baseball message board and I'm a law school student working full time in Real estate who graduated from FSU with a double major in Finance and Real estate last year you probably shouldn't be acting as if you're some sort of genius.
  2. Lol, ok. Keep believing David Samson and your source over other people who have no incentive to report things they are hearing. You honestly just think the marlins only took calls and had no interest in trading Jose? Lol, if you're gonna believe anyone, you gotta believe the marlins front office and ownership, they are upstanding guys and would never knowingly lie to the public.
  3. Ya, cause im the only one set in my ways here.
  4. lol in what world is that not shopping a guy? What you're saying is its not considered shopping just because they didn't make the calls. Yet they still had enough talks to exchange which guys they want from both the Dodgers and the D'Backs? They weren't actively trying to trade him, but that does not = not shopping him.
  5. History is a pretty damn good determinant of the future, especially for this franchise. Its ignorant and gullible to continue to believe anything this front office tells you. They've lied about just about everything they've ever done. THAT IS SHOPPING A GUY. If you have no intention of trading a guy you don't give specific names of guys you want to multiple teams. Again, why no reports of specific people being asked for by the Angels or Nats in a Trout or Harper deal?
  6. So teams only call the Marlins asking for their studs and only the Marlins "judge the trade value" on their stars? Its really not even a big deal, the Marlins would have been stupid to not at least see what they could have gotten for Jose.
  7. How many times does this organization and same ownership group have to lie to fans to just completely disregard their public comments?
  8. It didn't come from the same original source. Mish initially reported it and people did pick up on that but there were various other reports all offseason that would lead you to believe the marlins would have traded him if someone met their asking price and the marlins wouldn't have minded. Bryce Harper and a bunch of other studs are free agents in 2 years and have rubbed people the wrong way, how come no reports on them needing a kings ransom?
  9. Given that we have no assets cause we are a horseshit organization that doesnt spend money, trades away draft picks, and doesnt invest internationally, ya he was probably the only choice, but a good team of major league quality ownership who doesnt mind spending money or has any kind of farm system could have found an improvement on him. I don't want to turn this into a hate on Prado cause I honestly don't mind him, he's a very average player and won't be a complete black hole in the lineup like a guy like Ichiro if he has to start, but he can be improved on.
  10. lol ya you are. How many different people reported that this offseason? How sketchy and cheap does this franchise have to be before you realize they don't give a shit if they tell the public the truth. Use common sense: WERE NOT RE-SIGNING JOSE. He's a Boras client. He's set to make 30 mil in 2 years for someone other than us. WHY WOULD WE NOT LOOK AT DEALS FOR HIM? But keep believing your source who has no need to ever tell you anything but the truth. Good thing you're such a top notch journalist that you've done the impossible: find a source that doesnt have an agenda and will only tell you the complete truth.
  11. Ya and I'm sure that its just a coincidence that its happened 5 consecutive years.
  12. Keep believing your sources are any better or more knowledgeable than anybody else. You have no proof of your sources being anymore knowledgeable than Mish's or anyone else reporting they were in talks for Jose. Keep believing that bullshit cliche of "we have to take the call" and "we would have to be blown away." No shit, thats common fucking sense. Nobody trades a star player to not get better as a team. How many people have to report that they were talking with teams about Jose before you give them any credence? How gullible do you have to be to believe that this franchise of all franchises wasn't interested at all in trading a boras client set to make 30 million or more in free agency in 2 years? Theres not even anything wrong with that I have no problem with them shopping him. Keep believing your source though, you're definitely more tapped in and informed than every other reporter out there.
  13. oh idk how about the last 5 or so years of building the bullpen the same way. They have been doing this for a while now. Relying solely on young guys and veterans hoping to reinvigorate their career for minor league deals. Granted, building a bullpen solely on major league deals worth a couple million is incredibly inefficient in this day and age of baseball, but a few of them can really help and keep you afloat in the dog days of the year when we inevitably have injuries so we don't have to gonna have to call up guys like Flores, Renzo, MAzarro, Narveson, Hand etc. Have you not noticed our bullpen every fucking August? Its a shit show full of retreads from our system every year. Granted we are already out of it at that point but the point is good teams build quality depth in the bullpen and aren't afraid to spend 5 million on bullpen arms given that they are, you know, actual major league teams.
  14. You're literally arguing about semantics. Everyone says that about their star players when they are trading them. If anyone called the Nats or Angels about Trout or Harper there wouldn't be a "kings ransom" comment. It would be immediately a hang up. You're literally ignoring everything besides things that helps your point. To completely dismiss concerns about him in the clubhouse, his agent, and his pending free agency as if they don't matter at all is stupid. How many different people had to report clubhouse issues before you give it any credence? How many people have to talk about issues between the front office and Boras before you give it any credence? We have no shot of re-signing him in a few years. They would be stupid not to shop him. Especially given the franchise and ownership you are talking about it makes no sense to believe that they weren't at least a little interested in trading him. No team trades anyone if they don't think it makes them significantly better, its literally just a bullshit excuse to explain why there might be reports as to why someone might be shopped. Ive literally heard David Samson say that exact line about about 20 different players.
  15. I'd love to see what his WAR was before going off in September in absolutely meaningless games. I like Prado, I just think he should be a platoon/utility guy like he used to be used on good teams when he was younger and better instead of an everyday 3b. He's not gonna kill the team but he's incredibly replaceable, especially given that he was completely useless as a hitter until we were 30 games under .500. He had an OPS of .670 as an everyday 3b up until mid august.
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