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  1. Seems like the Rangers would've benefitted by keeping Prince Fielder on the DL, rather than releasing him?!?! Of course that was a few years ago too - who would've thought this would be happening. And every time I read about it - damn, good for you Bobby Bonilla!
  2. What the hell are they trying to do to this game?!? and to use the excuse that they're there's no benefit to the players exposure to each other - give me a fucking break!
  3. I completely agree that Manfred needs to go. I didn't like him at all before this - I especially don't now. I disagree with giving the players what they want though. No business owner in their right mind is going to operate at a loss, while paying exorbitant wages. They're essentially trying to bring in as much revenue as possible, while asking the employees to take a pay cut, in order to tread water this year. The players are not operating the business. They are not losing by not getting paid this year, they just aren't profiting. The owners are losing this year whether the season h
  4. I'd like to see the owners do collegiate invitationals through the rest of the "regular" season using the big league ballparks. ESPN & regional networks would undoubtedly pick it up. We would get baseball, the amateurs could continue to develop, and the MLBPA would learn they can be done without if necessary. It may not generate the revenue that MLB does, but it would be a good enough placeholder to allow egos to simmer down.
  5. To be fair, Loria was irresponsible as hell.
  6. He's starting to mature. Who knows if he'll ever reach expectations, but I expect him to be solid.
  7. Maybe not physical effort, but you're talking about organizations that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, in several case $1 billion +. You think the owners just woke up and pulled that out of their ass?There were several risks involved, and they continue to take them every day. If a player fails to perform, he doesn't get paid in the future. If an organization fails to perform, or performs improperly, the owner is at risk of losing their entire net worth. The number being thrown around is that 40% of MLB revenue is made at the gate. So the players want 100% pay, while the compan
  8. The players need to work an "average American job" for a little while, to remember what it's like to get paid an absurd amount of money to play a game that most people would love to play. Essentially they're wanting to get paid for sold out stadiums, though not a single ticket will be sold. The prorated portion is a no-brainer. I don't know how they could think they took a "pay cut" based on the prorated schedule.
  9. You're absolutely right. What I took personal was them saying that we're not even on a path to improvement. That just shows the complete lack of awareness. They also continue to call the Mets a contender every single year, then watch them bomb. Next year, they're a contender again!
  10. Thought you guys might like to see this. Having dealt with "Georgia" sports fans for about 23 years now, I know we would have to consistently beat the Braves for 10 years before gaining any respect from them. Even then, it would be the umpire's fault. And the Braves are the most reasonable of their sports fans - the Falcons, and UGA are absolutely awful. Here is what I just found in the latest from the AJC. Not only are we a pushover, but we're not even moving in the direction of being competitive. https://www.ajc.com/blog/atlanta-braves/mlb-latest-reported-plan-would-give-braves-all
  11. It probably was all Loria, but he hitched his wagon to him. I can't say that I blame him - he had a dream job. He should have walked away with a little bit of dignity that he had, rather than shitting on everybody and everything he ever came in contact with during his Marlins tenure. He could go away, and be forgotten about a couple of years. Instead, he has chosen to be an attention whore. Nobody cared what he had to say when he was in his previous position - they certainly don't care now. He tremendously overvalues his worth to the game.
  12. "....and I think it’s a change that our fans will come to know and love over time.” ?
  13. Samson is such a dick. I love how he came away thinking that he has the business all figured out, and we're all dying for his opinion on matters. I wish he'd go away.
  14. They have a tendency to harp on things of the past - their success of the '90's, UGA's national championship in 1980, and how the Falcons almost won the Super Bowl once. Atlanta is a miserable sports town. Not because of the teams, but because the fans suck.
  15. You should hear the Braves fans around here. Any mention of his name sets them off. It's ridiculous.
  16. Seriously...what about his job in Philly makes them think this is a good hire?
  17. I don't know if that's necessarily the case. Runners on second base steal signs & relay back to the batter all the time. Of course, they'd have to get more creative doing it from the center-field stands, but it could be done. I don't recall the outcome of it, but there was speculation that the Blue Jays were doing it during home games a few years back. If using technology truly is banned, like @SonOfJack says, then by all means. Otherwise, I see a catcher giving uncoded signs, and the other team taking advantage of it.
  18. There's still a lot that goes into stealing signs - it's an art itself. At the MLB level, if they can't make signs complex enough to not be cracked, or at least be able to recognize that their signs have been stolen, and then change them, you deserve to have them stolen. Shit, in college, half of our pitching staff we're sitting there with notepads, trying to find consistencies. Our signs changed based on how many outs there were, and which bases runners were on. This has been part of the game since day one. Technology has improved, that doesn't change the fact that it's still part of
  19. Then the Chargers said, to hell with that, and changed to light blue ?
  20. I am glad they made the vote public, so we know whose opinion doesn't count anymore.
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