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  1. I want to keep him, but if the past week is any indicator, we're further from competing than any of us would have guessed. Might as well dump him.
  2. Coop spends way too much time on the IL to be considered too big of a part of the future plans.
  3. Absolutely, in terms of range of motion. The pitcher being able to locate it is a different story. Moral of my story is, leave it the hell alone. There's no reason.
  4. Idk, seems like it'll be a pretty big issue for a pitcher locating a breaking ball. They've been the same distance their entire lives, now it changes. In terms of fastballs, I don't think that'll be as big of a deal. I think there will be a lot more BB's, wild pitches, HBP (probably against the Braves mostly), and make most of the offensive #'s climb.
  5. I think Cooper has to go to. Trade him high - I like him, but he's overperforming, and he spends a lot of time on the IL. Get what you can for him now.
  6. I'm not big on the flashiness, but if you're going to be flashy, you better be damn good.
  7. He's either great or makes you go "wtf". There's not much in between.
  8. cyoung

    2021 HR Derby

    I watched Mancini in round 1, and that was it. Cameras were a mess - it was giving me motion sickness, and never really showing anything that mattered.
  9. That's what I figured. I would even argue that the first HBP was intentional - that was the one that ended his leadoff home run streak. In my opinion, that one, and maybe the intentional one, are are the only two they should possibly be upset with - but even with the second one, he gets a pass because he's Ronald Acuna Jr - he's allowed to throw temper tantrums and show people up.
  10. I thought MLB wanted the 7-inning doubleheader, not the player's union?!?! Get rid of that, the 3 batter minimum, and the runner on second - then Manfred, and we'll call it good.
  11. And yes, Urena hit him twice - once in 2018. He hit him last year too, then picked him off.
  12. I don't know if the playoffs hbp mentioned above is included, but here's where my #'s came from
  13. I really wanted Mat Nelson here
  14. Pablo last week was #5, so Rogers was #6 now, unless I'm forgetting one. You've gotta figure at least one was intentional by Urena, probably two, if I recall. So in terms of "accidental" hbp's we're on track with the entire rest of the NL (most everybody else in the NL had hit him 2-3 times when I looked last week).
  15. I love that someone with the clout of Pedro Martinez says exactly what I've been telling Braves fans.
  16. Wait for him to go 6-10 through the first two games of the series, then let him rest game 3.
  17. Okay, compromise - we'll give you your 4th year, but we're staying at $30M. - Marlins FO, probably
  18. Gotta get into their bullpen.
  19. I did too, so I'm not sure either. Glavin is usually reasonable, and interesting to listen to. Frenchy and Caray both drive me nuts
  20. Is that Glavine? Sounds like Frenchy. Glavine said before that he either needs to get over it, or learn to hit the inside pitch
  21. Jeff Francoeur can't stfu about it on the Braves' broadcast - it's always the Marlins. Definitely not on purpose, but it's always the Marlins.
  22. Fuck me... that's not the news I wanted to hear. Was hoping she was going to say he was retiring at the end of the year.
  23. This press conference didn't make me feel any better about the situation. In fact, it furthers the thought that he's completely inept. He saw everything EXACTLY the same way that we did, and thought how he handled it was the best decision.
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