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  1. To what end? This roster is not good. Bendix knows hes got years of work to do to create a sustainable contender. Throwing money at any SP right now isn't going to change that.
  2. This is the team that Ng built. Not a lot of hitting. Not a lot of pitching. Not a lot of reinforcements coming from the minors. The playoff appearance was nice, but can anyone say this team is built to last as currently constructed? Lets hope the inactivity this offseason is a byproduct of Bendix being in the early stages of a long-term plan to overhaul this organization, starting with the ability to identify/draft and develop cheap/controllable Major League talent.
  3. Lets see if any team out there hires Kim to be their chief decision maker. If not, then Sherman will be somewhat validated for his plan to bring in a new PBO instead of promoting Kim to that role.
  4. This is probably for the best honestly. The Marlins were dead last in the NL in Runs Scored this year. Ya, they made the playoffs, but that was on the back of a fluky record in one-run games. The lackluster run differential (by far the lowest of any playoff team this year) could easily be more representative of the season they had. The farm system is also in dire straights. I look forward to a new voice that can hopefully turn this offense around.
  5. Puk has fallen apart....he's not a closer, not sure what to make of it.
  6. Thats right...we are looking at the result of Jeter's overwhelming failure in the draft and in international free agency. They did get Eury in 2019 at least.
  7. Awful team regressing to the mean.
  8. Too bad Ng is a garbage GM. We can thank the clown Jeter for that.
  9. I'm never moving on from MLB allowing Jeter to come in and strip the team down to nothing. The league couldn't care less about the Marlins and their fans.
  10. Jeter may be gone, but his awful hires and co-owners are still running the team.
  11. Im right there with you. Unfortunately, clueless Loria and Manfred couldn't hand the team over to Jeter quick enough.
  12. Thoughts so far.....Derek Jeter is an assclown. Every person in this organization hired by Jeter is an assclown by association.
  13. Win column.......bullpen has been clutch af
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