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  1. What a sad, pathetic team Jeter has compiled.
  2. Mets fans are scum...I'm loving every minute of this.
  3. Lol a meatball with first base open and the pitcher on deck. Just moronic baseball folks.
  4. Makes you wonder if relocation of the Marlins is becoming more of a possibility.
  5. Well Well I was about to post “nice job settling down Pablo” then the HR on 0-2 count
  6. Lol some of these 2 strike pitches….is it pitch selection or just bad location?
  7. Pablo is mind boggling lol A major league record to start the game, and then immediately back to not being able to finish batters.
  8. Whew! Now let’s score a few more
  9. Hey, I love Pablo this may be the most Pablo start ever
  10. Pablo is a trip his trade value will never be higher than after the 3rd inning of today’s game haha
  11. Listening to this crowd cheer for every Braves hit makes me sick to my stomach. Baseball in Miami is running on fumes it seems.
  12. Maybe I'm just irritated because of this inning, but man do I miss Rich Waltz.
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