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  1. cyoung

    I hate the MLS

    I call it who gives a shit... And I don't so much mind the Braves (I rooted for the Braves before the Marlins existed), but Georgia sports fans are the absolute worst. Falcons & UGA are awful.
  2. cyoung

    New Logo Coming

    It's a brilliant F-you to Loria. I'm getting sick of waiting, but they're really doing a great job of building anticipation. I've even noticed more people seem to be engaging the Marlins on social media - a lot of them are bitching, but they're engaging nonetheless. That says that people are at least paying attention - that's half the battle.
  3. cyoung

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Why do you think they're making the catchphrases bilingual, not just spanish?
  4. cyoung

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    I actually think that's a great idea if it's done right. Atlanta has had graphics on their wall for as long as I can remember, and it's always been tasteful.
  5. cyoung

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Really? I liked the Citi Field look, aside from there being Mets shit everywhere.
  6. cyoung

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Fair enough! I think we're on the same page.
  7. cyoung

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    Black with a teal hr line would look sharp.
  8. cyoung

    New Logo Coming

    Oh, great. I can finally go to sleep, now that I know what Marlin Man thinks about it. He needs to go play in traffic.
  9. cyoung

    New Logo Coming

  10. It's important to remember that we are in "silly season" now too. There's going to be a lot of things said to manipulate trade values and contract numbers from now through the winter meetings. Everything that is said needs to be taken with a grain of salt - it won't be, but it should.
  11. cyoung


    This was my first thought too. There's a difference between being a supporter, and saying what you need to say for the wellbeing of your family. Who knows what the case is here, but I wouldn't read too much into it at the moment. A publicist should be able to handle this without much issue, and if certain reporters try to lay traps, they need to lose access/credentials to the Marlins organization.
  12. cyoung

    New Logo Coming

    Yeah, I think that theory will be shot with these uni's. I'm reserving judgement until we get to see more than just a leaked logo, but if it's even close to the final, there nothing traditional or remotely Yankee-esque about it.
  13. Don't let yourself off the hook that easily.
  14. cyoung

    Joe Girardi?

    If I had a dollar for everytime that's been mentioned & not mattered regarding free agents for Dolphins & Marlins.... I think the last one was Peyton Manning, before he signed w/ Denver, right?
  15. cyoung

    New Logo Coming

    Without reading through 59 pages, I saw the logo renderings - is the script leaked as well, or are they mock-ups done by people here on MB?

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