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  1. cyoung

    Will we avoid 100 losses?

    Maybe we should look at Fangraphs, and just skip the seasons altogether.
  2. cyoung

    Hi... yeah thats it

    Usually, how well you swing your lumber determines how often you score.
  3. cyoung

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    You are right. I'm more so speaking to the all of the sudden obsession with that stat. We are constantly hearing them speak of a outs with high exit velocity, and foul balls that are 100+. In regards to that, and out is an out, and a foul is a foul. Who cares how fast they came off the bat. If you hit the ball with great exit velocity, but you're a straight pull hitter, they're going to put a shift on, killing your average. I think it can be a useful stat, coupled with others. As a standalone stat, I don't feel it's very useful.
  4. cyoung

    *Far Out* Draft Talk

    Haha. Yeah, it is.
  5. cyoung

    *Far Out* Draft Talk

    I don't usually follow high school prospects, but I live about 20 minutes from Roswell. Ga. I might need to go watch him play this year.
  6. cyoung

    Comunidad 305

    They can't give them away now.
  7. cyoung

    Rest in Peace, Marlins HR Sculpture

    Loria's ass seems like as fair of a spot as any.
  8. cyoung

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    Exit velocity is about the most useless stat.
  9. cyoung

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    Sometimes the best way to get out of a slump is to take time off - forget old habits. Looking at his past 15 games is very promising. His last 30 aren't great, but acceptable. Those are the important #'s to me, because with such a historically bad start, the season #'s will never catch up.
  10. cyoung

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    But I feel like we always end up back in the same place, regardless of what the thread was about...
  11. cyoung

    2019 Marlins Members Enrollment

    Go to the bottom of the page and change it to the light theme.
  12. cyoung

    Tayron Guerrero

    He's a flaming bag of shit.
  13. cyoung

    2019 Marlins Members Enrollment

    Selling out games isn't realistic at this point. Selling premium seat season ticket packages to businesses/corporations is absolutely realistic. It's a great idea. Whatever seats are lost, they'll likely be replaced, and then some, by adding the general admission tickets.
  14. cyoung

    Brinson starting rehab assignment in AA

    He has 18 AB's after not playing for 2 months. I wouldn't be too concerned. Give it another week or so, and if his bat doesn't start to catch up, then there may be cause for concern.
  15. cyoung

    Chris Bostick traded to the Marlins

    Hey, I'm just encouraged that were letting cash go out in deals now, rather than every deal requiring cash coming back to us with Loria. That to me says that we aren't nearly as "paycheck-to-paycheck" (if you will) as we've been (mis)managed in the past. We're a ways from competing, but the approach of these trades is completely different - that makes me happy.

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